230° previews Haze's Mark Scott plays the PS3's big FPS Christmas hope...

"Let's get one thing straight; Haze may be a late-2007, system-exclusive, next-gen, four-letter, futuristic first-person shooter beginning with a H and an A, but it isn't the PS3's Halo 3, and isn't trying to be."

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THC CELL3870d ago

the special looks awesome

ruibing3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I agree, but I think we have just about enough FPS games. I really just need one or two of them, so this, UT3, and Killzone 2 will be enough.

I suppose I don't quite have a western taste in games, so I'm looking forward to Last Remnant, DMC 4, and MGS 4 when they get released next spring.

Nagthragarthoth3870d ago

UT3, COD4, Resistance, and even uncharted aint enough shooter for me.... If this ends up being a high 80's low 90's I will be very happy.

PS3PCFTW3870d ago

im not impressed.

i have enough ps3 games right now.........might buy ut3, and ut3 will be the last game i buy this year until february.

we all know what well be playing in february.

marinelife93870d ago

Uncharted and Haze are spoiling me with no load times. Any future games that have load times I'm going to have to automatically deduct points for.

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Rice3870d ago

Haze, is another game i might be getting in 2008...

Crazyglues3870d ago

I mean first they hyped it all up to be a halo 3 killer, and it doesn't really even look close to that good.

Now don't get me wrong, maybe it will be amazing, but I'm just saying I've heard this before, LAIR, HEAVEN SWORD, -come to mind - good games but nothing breath taking. hell they didn't ever really push the PS3.

Uncharted was amazing, and the first I've seen of true next gen on the PS3. From what I've seen Uncharted looks like they did a much better job then the people working on HAZE.

Had it come out in 2007 they would have had my money, but 2008. I'm just going to have to pass and get something like Killzone 2 and MGS4, and GTAIV. This game in no longer even on my radar.

I might rent it. But that's about it. I think COD4 spoiled me, that game is so amazing and just looks unreal, that I'm not even impressed with HAZE..

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like that.

remix3870d ago

well actually now that i think about it, i was alittle bit when it was FIRST annouced but after seeing gameplay, im not that excited anymore. and besides, i have call of duty 4 and im getting unreal so thats enough fps's for me.

i MIGHT rent haze but like you, im more so into dmc,mgs4, type of games and haze isnt for me.

even if it isnt good, people werent really expecting much from it anyway.

the next fps i will get will be killzone 2 and thats probably it for 2008.
im not a HUGE fan of fps's and there definetely over flooding the market which is irritating

ruibing3870d ago

The main reason Haze stands out is that it is the first exclusive that really has the co-op gameplay that 360's GoW and Halo 3 had. If I was to purchase Haze, the co-op compaign mode and the multiplayer would be the main reason, or else I would just get UT3.

EZCheez3870d ago

And the only reason I don't is because of the faith I have in Free Radical. I've played too many of their games to think of anything less than an at least adequate story and awesome multiplayer. The only thing I can imagine them not having experience in is finding ways to expand the online like COD4's perks. I still think they can pull it off though.

Now I know it might not be as big a graphics whore as other games, but I really think this game will be fun. Also, don't forget about the 4 player online coop against the different factions. They are finding some great ways to keep it fresh like playing dead, the options with nectar, and the strenghs and weaknesses of both factions.

smirx3870d ago

Well, first I would like to mention that this game must still be on your "radar" if your still reading about it, and posting inquiries about it. That said, I do agree with you. It just doesn't look fun to me. I think it's the storyline that turns me off mostly. It just seems really cheesy and gimmicky, ie. nectar.... I don't know, perhaps you and I will both be eating our words when it comes out! However, no matter how popular it becomes, I still don't see any fun in being another F-ing "Soldier" in an FPS. I really believe it's time for something new in FPS's. Bioshock is my favorite FPS shooter but I don't have a 360 anymore, after trading it in for a PS3. Bioshock, now that was FUN. We need more games like that. OK I suppose I should stop ranting....

Polluted3870d ago

@EZcheez: I'm with you on that one. Free Radical is one of my favorite developers. I'm the first to admit that Haze looks somewhat unimpressive graphically, but Timesplitters 2 was never that great looking and it's my favorite console shooter yet. If anyone can pull off all the weird ideas they have for this game and make them fun, it's Free Radical.

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resistance1003870d ago

I've preordered this from GAME months ago, the fact we get a free metal tin and necter glowstick is an added bonus =D

jorellpogi3870d ago

The packaging is nice. The game seem nice too. A must buy for me and a good addition to my PS3 game library.

name3870d ago

I thought it was delayed till early 08 by ubisoft because they wanted to help their Q1 revonue?

resistance1003870d ago

It is, however this preview has been on the site for ages.

jackdoe3870d ago

I thought it was delayed because it wasn't ready.

Polluted3870d ago

I thought it was un-delayed again. Ah well. It's not like I can afford it right now anyway.

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