Warhawk PSP Rating Added by ESRB


"A PSP version of Warhawk has been added by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. It has been rated E for Everyone, and is said to include violence. The rating itself isn't interesting, but the mention of Warhawk on the PSP is."

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Relcom3873d ago

Its a great fit. I hope its true

the worst3873d ago

nice how do you fly with 1 analog stick

Relcom3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

X button goes foward and TRIANGLE goes back, and CIRCLE goes right and SQUARE buttons goes left. L and R shoot missles and machine gun

Skerj3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Doesn't Triangle have to switch Warhawk modes? Everything else works though, double tapping X could also give you the nitro. If you've played Mach then you'll see how it could work.

Relcom3873d ago

Yeah i agree double tap for the boost and warhawk mode. The only thing is how do you get out of the Warhawk hmmmm. Maybe a L or R plus a button combo. Tough one

Anego Montoya FTMFW3873d ago

there should be 2 analog sticks on the PSP.

NOT having 2 was NOT a good move. IMO.

Skerj3873d ago

You're right Rel, forgot about getting out hah. In any case the 2nd analog sounds like the perfect solution but it wouldn't be all that practical. I'm only saying this because we have 2 extra buttons on the controllers to accomodate having to use your other thumb for the right analog most of the time. With the angle I hold my controllers it'd feel awkward after like 15 mins.

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PimpHandHappy3873d ago

being online

How can that little thing handle that madness?!?!

didnt read the article


vaan3873d ago

Warhawk is crazy insane online madness. 32 player deicated servers beatch! (And is waaaay better online experience than Gears, Halo3 or any 360 game for that matter)

Maybe it will be an off line game?

Shadow Flare3873d ago

well Medal of Honor : Heroes on PSP handles about 24 people fully online, worldwide. And it handles it really well, barely any lag...its really good for a little handheld

Gondee3873d ago

That guys is a fan boy. lol
and hes trying to start a flam war........

akaFullMetal3873d ago

would be awesome to be able to play this in class when im bored, ahahha

ALItheWISE3873d ago

Unless its a differnt game like the killzone psp game..

techie3873d ago

uh read the article maybe?

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The story is too old to be commented.