HD-DVD vs Blu-ray's Customers : 43% prefer HD DVD, 27% prefer Blu-ray, and 30% are undecided.

A recent research study shows that a great deal of consumers intend to buy a HD TV during the next 12 months however what vis interesting is their attitude to HD DVD Vs Blu ray.
According to global research from The Diffusion Group, close to one-third of non-HDTV households are interested in purchasing a new HDTV in the next six months – a very encouraging sign for HDTV manufacturers and, by relation, high-def DVD manufacturers claims the researchers.

More interesting, perhaps, is that the same research found that the characteristics of these "HDTV Intenders" vary widely from that of current HDTV owners. HDTV Intenders tend to be younger, single, more ethnically diverse, and have lower annual household incomes than current HDTV owners – in many respects more characteristic of mainstream consumers than the early adopters who today own an HDTV.

While this trend could in theory benefit either Blu-ray or HD DVD, the data suggests otherwise. Among HDTV Intenders who are likely to purchase a new high-def DVD player in the next six months, 43% prefer HD DVD, 27% prefer Blu-ray, and 30% are undecided.

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Hydrollex3878d ago

43% prefer HD-DVD
27% prefer Blu-ray


So why blu-ray is owning HD-DVD in sales ?


TANOD3878d ago

BD outsells HD DVD 2;1 in NA

9:1 in JAPAN and 4:1 in EU


Maddens Raiders3877d ago

is that this comes from Smarthouse and THEY should know better than this *snickers*. HD_DVD is literally getting butt raped in the Land Down Under.

japanese_dawn3877d ago

This news is BS, everybody knows it, either this research is bought or was done in HD DVD campaign department.

NVM, BD owns the HD DVD now, and will later, until Toshiba decides to set aside the pride, cause that company is in good relations with Sony, and I think they'd like to keep it leveled or upgrade it.

sonarus3877d ago

blu ray isnt doin enough advertising a lot of ppl still dnt knw what they are about.

TOM3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

it's in the article.Read it! Research and numbers are in there too.

I for one couldn't care less.I have both,though If I had to choose it would be HD DVD. But you cant choose one and claim to be a movie fan,htere are great movies on both formats

drewdrakes3877d ago

The war isnt over, deal with it.

Boink3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

way to contribute absolutely nothing useful, and on the first post too!

your bubbles=FAIL

it's just a survey, relax, this in no way infringes on you fanboy ideals. now if the results next year actually reflect these results, then your fanboy tail should be shoved between your legs as you scurry off.

seriously...what this survey really shows is that there is still clearly no current front runner in this stupid war. which should have all HD partied concerned.

new HD disc formats=FAIL.

Bladestar3877d ago

Because Sony is infecting the attach rate with free movies... giving HD movies to people that don't even own an HD TV...

here is the math...

100 people buy PS3 and get 10 blu-ray movies = 1000 blu-ray movies. *only 20% have HD TV.

40 people buy HD DVD and get 10 HD DVD movies = 400 HD DVD movies. *100% have HD TV movies.

As you can see... why would the 80% of the people that buy a PS3 buy blu-ray movies if they don't have an HD TV?

exactly... eventually the numbers will show... which is why Sony continues to fee their attach rate with free blu-ray movies... Trojan horse 100%... the moment Sony stops giving free movies away it their attach rate will drop like 80%....

this is why the last HD DVD vs blu-ray sells show only blu-ray winning by 8%.... while the week during black friday it shows like 70+%...

interesting ehh? You don't believe me? explain why Sony does not stop giving movies away with blu-ray purchase?

lol... what's funny is that SOny though this strategy would work.. but the number of people favoring HD DVD as show in this research is a lot higher than what their scam can do.

cuco333877d ago

That is solely due to the PS3 effect. nothing more...

But yes, people actually like what HD DVD has to offer. Remember kiddies, it's not just gamers who cater to the HDM market.

PS3PCFTW3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )


survey was performed inside HDDVD HEADQUARTERS!!!

lol, even their own members are DEFECTING! abandon ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jk, who da fucc knows where these twisted numbers come from. theyre more erroneus than lindsay lohan behind the wheel of a NEW mercedez
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - --

bladestar, youre whole post failed by starting off with "Because" in your topic sentence. Now go to bed and go back to school my little wannabe hddvd salesman.

to further prove your stupidity and ignorance, would you care to explain where THESE SALES FALL INTO YOUR XBOT-FEEBLE-MINDED-ASSUMPTION?

THAT MEANS amazon is giving these away for free TOO huh? so i guess for the past year or so, amazon has been giving out hundreds of thousands of bluray discs out, right?

EDIT: xbots disagreeing with facts? how ORIGINAL!! I HAVENT SEEN THAT BE4!

BrianC62343877d ago

This research report is very suspicious. I looked up their site and I can't find who paid for this report. They have a section on who some of their customers are but of course no names are listed. Just a bunch of generic garbage. Anyone want to bet this report was paid for by Toshiba? I don't trust any of this silly studies.

BrianC62343877d ago

"Did you even bother to read it befor you posted?
it's in the article.Read it! Research and numbers are in there too."

TOM - Don't be so gullible. The research firm that did the study did it for someone. Not for the hell of it. And I see nowhere that says who paid for the study. Real research shows all the details. Fake research like this makes their customer look good.

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Shadow Flare3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

"HD-DVD vs Blu-ray's Customers : 43% prefer HD DVD, 27% prefer Blu-ray, and 30% are undecided"

....yeah because thats whats been showing in the disc sales the past year


mikeslemonade3877d ago

I think the sales are better because people would rather buy one PS3 then a 360 and a HD-DVD player or the 360 add on.

gamesR4fun3878d ago

99.9% of all hd dvd facts are made up

Yo Mama3878d ago

This just proves that middle America knows little to nothing about technology other than name recognition. My friend in retail tells me how more than half the hd-dvd's sold are returned because people assume they play in their regular dvd players. They think if they have an Hdtv and buy an hd-dvd movie they're good to go. Lol.

Mikey_Gee3878d ago

Since it says in plain text on the front "FOR USE IN HD-DVD PLAYER ONLY"

But, some have BOTH DVD and HD-DVD version on them.

TheXgamerLive3877d ago

Either your friends a lying idiot or well whatever.

IntelligentAj3877d ago

A lot people go off of name recognition. That is the best thing that HD-DVD has going for it. People can easily identify HD-DVD to DVD by the title and feel comfortable buying it.

Jamegohanssj53878d ago

This must be the people that have absolutely no money.

Bombomb3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

that know a cheaper, format with better features and technology.

Shadow the same can be said for the Wii and 360 kicking PS3's arse in hardware sales.

PS3 being outsold in hardware and software. How about that....Wii360-->Smart Choice eh..

Shadow Flare3877d ago

The cheap format thats been outsold by 2:1 for a whole year, the cheap format everyone knows will lose. Smart choice

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