European hardware charts for the week ending 9th December.

Console Weekly Total
DS 650,277 20,445,539
Wii 269,649 4,828,249
PS3 195,606 2,702,120
PS2 170,607 45,052,703
PSP 164,716 10,062,172
X360 143,621 4,599,335

PS3 almost reached 200 000 units sold last week in Europe. Wii also got a slight boost but DS sales were phenomenal

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SmokeyMcBear3820d ago

wooooooooooo.... more flame.. jesus, its like 4 of these a week now, and its getting worse, not its getting into european countries rather than europe as a whole, we are reporting japan estimates of estimates, please... please only get the worldwide numbers, this is all useless.

Sevir043820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

well said

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Relcom3820d ago

PS3 is not dead people. Its starting the same surge that the PS2 did around its 2 year mark. Funny how history repeats itself.

TANOD3820d ago

well even in NA ps3 might have sold over 200k last week.

we wait for the numbers.

In the past week sales around 156000 ps3s were sold in NA so ps3 is selling very well even at a higher price point

Jandre023820d ago

Except the Xbox started first. Xbox lifetime sales wont reach past 30,000,000. Theres just no point to it after the PS3 has games. Better ports ended with Call of Duty 4. Better games ended when the end of the year lineup for PS3 had UT3, Uncharted, and Ratchet.

The Xbox has lost in Europe and Japan already, theres no come back for them because Sony is Sony. There wont be any worth while exclusive on the Xbox that can outweigh the Sony arsenal.

And in America, the Xbox would need to vastly outsell the PS3 to maintain a lead WW. That wont happen too much longer with the sale boosts the PS3 will get from AAA titles. Even if games like Halo Wars and Fable 2 are amazing, which I bet they will be, they cant compete with FF GT5 or GTA. The Xbox will continue to be that perfect shooter platform, but its reign over the PS3 will end in 08.

resistance1003820d ago

Expect next weeks figures to be even better, Uncharted and Singstar's release will boost ps3's numbers a fair bit, not to mention theres a ps3 advert on TV near enough every few minutes at present

Shadow Flare3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

World - America = PS3 > XB360

+ 1 year World = PS3 (XB360 = Pawn shop)



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