XBL WTF: Why Can I Only Have 100 Friends?

There isn't a week that goes by someone doesn't bring up the fact that you can't add more than 100 people to the Xbox Live friends list. The additional bio information should help users cut down on the extraneous friends, but for the folks who are just plain indiscriminate, is there an actual reason Microsoft has the list capped at 100?


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Maddens Raiders3847d ago

I only get 50 per on ma PS3. Had to create 6 accounts to get everyone and the access to the UK and Nippon stores are cool, but why the limitations on either console?

Shadow Flare3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

im glad you said that. I was wondering what the max amount of friends are for ps3

toughNAME3847d ago

I mean I clean up my friends list every couple months, so my list rarely has more than 60-70 people on it

How about a clan feature or group chat? I'd rather Microsoft spend their time working on that

consolewar3847d ago

I want 200 at least. Also categorized by favorite games, playing time, location/time etc,etc,etc. You get the idea?
C'mon don't defend M$ on everything, 100 is not enough.

TheMART3847d ago

How many active friends can one have? Come on, 100 is enough already. Just delete those you don't play with enough.

gnothe13847d ago

just more for the sony crowd to complain about!! oh an i was on my PS3 web browser on sending messages to 1 of my XBL friends!!sending a message from a PS3 to a 360 how cool is that!!

The_Firestarter3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

...stop being insecure. Just be happy with XBL since you can have 100 friends, rather than only having 50 friends with the PS3.

Why does every little thing on this website need to turn into a flame war? Sheesh!

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The story is too old to be commented.