GameTrailers reviews Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Has the latest Fire Emblem dug itself a niche that's a little too deep?

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PS360WII3907d ago

I don't get it really. So Wii doesn't have hardcore games.
'What about Fire Emblem?'
'No it's to hard, to hard, doesn't count.'

Plus giving the story only a 5.1 :( bad form I feel.

Yes the game is difficult but isn't that one wants? A real challange in a game? You characters can die and for good. Also adding a rather real challange to a game. Making you think a lot more about your battle plan. I for one had to reset a few times when a person died who I didn't want to but I didn't think that I should downgrade the game because of it.

Yes 7.3 is still a good score so I won't complain about this to much. Just find it funny that even when Wii gets a crazy hard game it gets balked.

ManOnFire3907d ago

It seems like the Wii can't win no matter what it does. I say whatever and will enjoy the game and the challenge it brings.