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Reggie Fils-Aime to discuss Wii U live on Spike TV this Tuesday

Nintendo Universe writes:

It has been announced that during their coverage of the International Consumer Electronics Show 2012, Spike TV is to host a live interview with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to discuss the Wii U. (Wii U)

Lelldorianx  +   916d ago
Spike TV isn't exactly the network I think of when I think "Nintendo," hehe.
Optical_Matrix  +   916d ago
The next generation is coming. Believe.
Seedhouse  +   916d ago
Hopefully there'll be some new information, especially with all these rumours circulating.
Khordchange  +   916d ago
Heres how it will go

Spike interviewer: So reggie whats new on the Wii U?

Reggie: Well its a new system, fully incorporated with an awesome new tablet controller. It has the most flexible online system and its graphics look great. Expect it to release in 2012.

Spike interviewer: So any NEW news reggie?

Reggie: lol no *troll smile*
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brettyd  +   916d ago
Great, maybe we'll finally find out exactly what the hell it is. Nintendo did a terrible job introducing it at E3. I look forward to learning more.
ChickeyCantor  +   916d ago
It just baffles me. It really does.
After all this time you still can't figure out what the Wii-u is about?

If you are talking about the "specs", they weren't even final at the time. So there was no point to talk about that.

You people live under a mountain?
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brettyd  +   916d ago
its a console with a tablet like controller, thats what i know. Have we seen any gameplay? and yes exactly id like to know the specs. Is it a true next gen (not this gen) console graphics wise? theres still ALOT we don't know about it. NO i don't live under a mountain, i live on the beach.
ChickeyCantor  +   916d ago
Any gameplay? Yes we have seen some "gameplay".
( Demo's were showed off, Im not sure how that doesn't qualify as "gameplay" concepts. Ghost Recon for example. Did you even check the Ubisoft conference?)

Why not look at the DS/3DS. It shares great similarities. That should give you a big idea.

Like I said, the specs were NOT final at the time.
Rumors have it that Nintendo were pressured into showing it off at E3 2011.

There has been enough info on the console ( cept for the specs ) to indicate what the tablet is about.
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enkeixpress  +   916d ago
It's already a failure in my eyes just like Kinect. Useless rubbish!

I stick to the good ol' gamepad for PS4 & Next Xbox. (And keyboard+mouse for PC)
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Colwyn  +   916d ago
other than knowing its a new system ,there isnt anything i like about the wii u. i cant believe after it being announced over half a year we have never seen any gameplay or something that showcases the hardwares power. im not excited for the wii u at all. its nintendos fault and going by their track record, i wont be impress by the wii u. i'm a techie so anything short of the the power of or close to 2 gtx 580,i7 2600, with 4gbs of ram wont impress me. to each his own, i wont hate on anyone wanting and dying for a wii u but if the next gen system cant produce tech close to bf3 on max then they are rubbish in my eyes.
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yabhero  +   916d ago
i'm LOLing. First you expect that's console in development with specs constantly changing to have finished games and final hardware specs. Also... you're crazy- no offense. Let me just point to everyone reading this comment, The GTX580 Colwyn talked about costs $589 dollars alone. Plus the i7 2600 which is 300 dollars plus 30 dollars for the RAM. Plus the custom drive... internet stuff, controller hook ups. You're looking at a 1100 dollar price tag... I think it's safe to say that that is stupid. A game console that cost over 600 has dug a VERY VERY deep hole for itself... Also being a techie, you should know consoles need MUCH less Ram than PC's. 2 GB should do the trick, especially since rumor has it WiiU uses faster GDDR5 RAM. I'm telling you right now. I am 100% sure that no console liek that will be released to 2015. The whole point of a product is to make money... not to have ppl's wallet's run screaming from GameStop's across the world.
According to rumors I've complied and OFFICIAL REPORT FROM IBM, makers of the WiiU's innards it will be using a Power7 quad core processor and and 4000 series AMD. (Reliable rumored specs): 3.5 GHz 4 core IBM Power7 CPU (yes, it is the same BASE CPU as Watson the supercomputer, except he has 2880 cores), AMD 4890 RadeonHD capable of 3D and 1080 HD graphics, 1-1.5 GB of GDDR5 RAM.
yabhero  +   916d ago
75 years later " ya, were still playing games the EXACT SAME BORING way as 75 years ago, sure you can borrow my dualshock 56"
Gamers like you can be a pain because you wont accpet anything new and innovative... just better graphics but they same crappy gameplay...
Also it's pretty cool you hate it alreay and we know it what it and its awesome controller looks like...
cpayne93  +   916d ago
Ugh, I'll probably watch it, but I can't stand Reggie.
Sugreev2001  +   916d ago
Same here,I find him obnoxious.On topic,I think he's merely trying to build up hype...like always.
D3mons0ul  +   916d ago
Wherever this bastard walks, somebody should be waiting to throw rotten bananas at him.

His sins are gaming related so he doesn't need to be sized up for a new pair of cement shoes or anything. He should just live...uncomfortably until he gets his head out of his ass.

He'd get tired of smelling like rancid bananas all the time and it might make him do something cool, like localizing JRPGs earlier and not fighting to keep Nintendo locked down to the casual market, which has turned it's attention elsewhere.
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