Cooking Mama 2 Reviewed by GameTrailers

Cooking Mama is back, but is this cooking experience as addictive as the original?

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TnS3815d ago

I posted only because it sold 1 million. :)

iceice1233815d ago

Cooking mama has out sold almost all the big name PS3 games. What a slap in the face.

Regret3815d ago

Oh my god, 1 million. What's wrong with you people.

ALItheWISE3815d ago

There goes Maddens hating on another game he doesnt play....TSK TSK TSK.... Any how since this is a nintendo thread with this new wii gifting feature available anyone want to trade games with me.... Lemme know...

deeznuts3815d ago

"Cooking mama has out sold almost all the big name PS3 games. What a slap in the face."

Not a slap in my face. I know I'm getting the superior product. McDonald's has sold more burgers than In-n-Out. Selling a lot of crap doesn't transform the product into something good.

This is a good game for its demo. The only ones getting slapped in the face or should be slapped are teenage males buying this game.

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Maddens Raiders3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

play away Ali. You Big 'ol Cookin Mama. Dork. Icewake wish I could read what you say, but.......

TnS - I'm not mad at you for posting this at all. I just like to rattle the Ninty cage every now and again....ya know scare the kids a little. No harm/no foul 8D

ALItheWISE3815d ago

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL......Ur to funny... What game is that on your avatar..Shadow of the Trolls.... LOLOLOL

Maddens Raiders3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I get're a Cooking Mama fan.....that's is. >_<

edit @4 - see 3.1

wii on your face3815d ago

These neanderthals can't really appreciate the finer things, like cooking. They probably eat hot pockets while playing their ultra-violent shooters.

You'd think people who play games a lot would appreciate something new and different, and welcome developers that stretch our ideas of games, but I guess not. Cooking Mama fvcking rocks, period.

Since you haters are the ultimate critics, please be patient with those of us who have no taste in games.

Have you ever tried cooking mama?

deeznuts3815d ago

I appreciate finer things like cooking ... by cooking! I'm not a professional chef by any means but spend a lot of money on equipment (all-clad pans, damascus knives from, le creuset etc). Appreciating cooking by playing cooking mama? No.

Do you cook stuff with an easy bake oven as well and try to pass it off as fine dining?

Ok my bad, I went a bit far but you get my point.

ALItheWISE3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

If i was a cooking mama fan i wouldnt let your trollish comments detur me from my fun...a million sold cant h8 on that....

And yes ive played cooking mama on wii and ds

BrotherNick3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

haha, I still like cooking mama lol. It's fun don't have to be serious to have fun all the time. Ever like anything that's embarrassing? You all act like you're cool on the internet, but it's just a bunch of nerds gathered together to make up for one another's insecurities.

I bought the one for the wii :D fun to play people.