Casual gamers don't read game reviews, according to EA

Unhappy with EA's recent comments about the relative unimportance of casual game reviews Gamezebo editor Erin Bell responds:

"Statements like these are intensely patronizing, not only to media outlets like Gamezebo who focus on the casual market, but also to the millions of discerning, media savvy casual gamers who drive the multi-billion dollar casual games industry," Bell writes. "If casual gamers didn't read reviews, I wouldn't have a job."

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RadientFlux3821d ago

They don't which is why movie-tie-in games sell like crazy

marinelife93821d ago

Well that's a good thing for EA.

BrianC62343821d ago

She's confusing what makes someone a casual gamer. EA most likely sees a casual gamer as someone who buys a game here and there but never really gets into gaming. They play a couple games a year. Maybe a few.

I see hard core gamers as people who are online on forums. Who read up on all the games. Who play lots of games a year. Just because a game isn't a shooter doesn't mean that gamer is a casual gamer. Maybe they're a hard core gamer who plays casual games.

I see casual games as puzzle games and games like Tetris. Or simple games you can play a few minutes. But I see casual gamers as someone who doesn't play a lot of games.

Texas GMR3821d ago

they don't buy that many games either. The more serious gamers are the ones that buy most of the games. That's usually why the games with the highest scores sale the most.

Anything but Cute3821d ago

I always say it's hype and buzz that sell a game more than anything else.

But it's stupid when we see fanboys torchering themselves when Gamespot gives their game a lower score that they feel it deserves.

power of Green 3821d ago

PS3 games are hyped like the 2nd comming of Christ, what now?.

BrianC62343821d ago

If you're talking about Ratchet & Clank Future, Gamespot blew that review. They gave it to a sports nut to review. You don't give a big game to someone who hates the genre. I wouldn't have a problem with that score if Gamespot cared enough to have a real review. But then, Gamespot sucks anyway.

EZCheez3821d ago

Can you imagine being in charge of the EA Casual department?

Worker-"Hey we've got this game about an extraterrestrial that gets stuck in holes a lot. It's actually a remake of a game of a movie that didn't sell well but it could work this time. What do you think?"

Boss-"Make it! Casual gamers don't read reviews so they wouldn't even know if it did suck until it was too late! HAHAHAHAAAA!"

I bet that's how EA Casual rolls.

FunnyBone3821d ago

Casual Gamers dont look at reveiws and Hard Core gamers could care less about them..So whats new

BloodySinner3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Unfortunately, what EA says is true and because it happens to be true, they know they don't need to put effort at all in their software lineup. Especially with the Wii, considering who the target audience is. So basically they could pump in all the garbage in the world, and the casuals will still buy into it.

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The story is too old to be commented.