Dragon Quest Swords ships on February 26

Square-Enix has announced the release date of the first Dragon Quest game for the Wii and detailed the story: "Five years have passed since the defeat of the Deathbringer, and the kingdom of Avalonia joyously celebrates what seems to be an everlasting era of peace. However, a closer look reveals that things are amiss. Calamity arises within the kingdom, as unfamiliar and powerful monsters invade the outskirts of town. With the Deathbringer gone, what explanation is there for the onset of these monsters? And what of the queen, who has come to hide her face behind a strange mask? Make your way through the perilous journey, solve the baffling mysteries and return order to Avalonia."

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PS360WII3906d ago

Alright another game in February for the Wii as a purchase ^^

wiizy3905d ago

2008 wii will destroy the competition