Netflix appearing on PS3 XMB's in Ireland

"It looks like the Irish Playstation 3 Netflix roll out has begun.

A quick reboot of your Playstation 3 should make Netflix appear on your XMB under TV/Video Services.

However, as it is, you can only download the program and not actually use the service just yet."

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LiamIRL821934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Well I'll be damned, this ia a surprise!

Edit: Spoke too soon, just downloaded the app but the service is stated as coming soon. F**k!

Skynetone1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I thought bob {the one and only guy how works on ps3 updates} really screwed up this time, so i tryed to delete it and of course there was no option to delete it, so a quick search of the internet and yes its actually meant to be there. coming soon

ty bob

Reborn1933d ago

Its not just Ireland, thats for sure.

But, yeah, always nice.

geddesmond1933d ago

Yep its on my XMB too. I downloaded the app but it say we'll be available in ireland Soon. I just hope soon means soon as in a few weeks and not the soon companies like Sony like to use which means months or even half a years time.