Gamers Voting Against Amy's Controversial Pricing On PSN

VectorCell and Lexis Numerique announced the release date of their upcoming survival horror game Amy yesterday, but they caused controversy when announcing the proposed prices of each version of the game in North America. However, fans are voting against their decision, they want equality.

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PirateThom2353d ago

I'm cynical... anyone else starting to think they intended to launch at the cheaper price and did this to both build hype then look like heroes of the gaming community?

mephman2353d ago

I can definitely see that - the game's had way more exposure now than it ever would have.

fozzness2353d ago

And for that I probably won't buy it.. cheeky buggers :P

Bundi2353d ago

Must everything be twisted into some sort of conspiracy?

mephman2353d ago

Not everything, but it does seem rather pre-planned.

PirateThom2353d ago

Not everything, but considering the game launches next week and they're discussing a "price drop if people vote for it" just seems... odd.

Proxy2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Wonder if they'll be surprised to learn that consumers like lower prices?

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Selyah2353d ago

Who knows, I kinda think they are being genuine it's not a massive title after all. It's not like a couple of bucks is going to make a massive difference to the overall sales.

smashman982353d ago

Yes a couple of bucks can make all the difference

Here's an example if one million people buy amy at the 10 dollar price that's 10 million dollars now if 1 million ppl buy it at 13 that's thirteen million which is an extra 3 million

soundslike2353d ago

I have 10 bucks on my psn account

I could add more

but I won't.

If this drops to 10 I'd get it

BrianC62342353d ago

I agree. I never even heard of this game. I'm not buying it anyway. I have too many bigger games to play. It doesn't look that great to me anyway. Maybe I'll buy it when it's on sale for 50% off on PSN.

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JellyJelly2353d ago

Despite the pricing controversy the game looks pretty interesting. Might pick it up for the 360.

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GraveLord2353d ago

How dare PS3 gamers demand equal pricing!? Ungrateful bastards!

Lirky2353d ago

I hope theres extra content at the end of the game. Also i was thinking 14.99 and below for pricing.

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