Capcom: Not sure if they support SOPA or not

Capcom never said it supported SOPA but they never said they doesn’t support SOPA, either.

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PirateThom2264d ago

Capcom are on the ESA. They support it.

dark-hollow2263d ago

sorry but any [email protected]#hole company thats support our freedom to be taken by large corporations and the government have no support from me.

zeal0us2263d ago

Yep, funny how they act like they're neutral regardless they support SOPA by proxy.

Too bad ppl won't give them the go daddy treatment.

lizard812882263d ago

They don't "support" it, since they are not on the "official" list that was sent to congress, but they are on the ESA.


Simon_Brezhnev2264d ago

You know they will their the biggest con artist devs in the industry.

3GenGames2264d ago

If they don't say no, they are for it 100%. Although while the companies CEO's do all the thing for it, the sad part is 90% of the people actually working for them don't. Doesn't matter though, it was voted down and every time they try to pass the crap the outcry will get louder and bigger until there's a revolt because it's about to pass.

ElliePage2264d ago

Sons Of the Patriots Act

kaveti66162263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

It allows the US government to police the internet and ban websites that infringe on copyright. But the way it's worded will allow the government to shut down sites for any little thing, like having an avatar of a game character or sharing photos from other websites.

It will also allow the government to ban websites that are hosted on servers in foreign countries. It's kind of like what the Chinese government does to the internet for their people.

A lot of people think this bill is too outrageous to pass, but then again, the NDAA passed and that law is in direct contravention to the U.S. Constitution.

hazardman2264d ago

This SOPA thing seems serious, but what is it? is it against pirates or gamers? not sure!..

gunnerforlife2263d ago

so far what ive heard, its not just against pirates, its against everyone! you see your display picture, if you got that of the internet then the person that made it can sue your as* because you didnt ask for their permition. and youtube would be in big danger as well as facebook!

Solid_Snake372263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

not to mention Justin Bieber would get his ass arrested! (lol suck it biebs)

Yodagamer2263d ago

according to the government it is against online video piracy, but it effects youtubers or game sites, that put up gameplays, commentaries, music, reviews, previews, so anything copyrighted, which would hurt alot of people if it passes

hazardman2263d ago

thanks guys, but that means N4G would not be the same. People are gonna have to start going to real game news sites like. ign,gameinformer,gamepro...

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