All bark, no bite: Naughty Dog need to fix their own storytelling

BeefJack: "Naughty Dog say they want to change the games industry’s attitudes to storytelling with their new project THE LAST OF US, but Matthew Lee thinks they should try fixing their own writing first."

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Whitefeather2110d ago

More BS about a well known good developer from another unknown website

BldyShdw2110d ago

Is it me or are we drowning in negativity lately? It seems like every other article is bashing a game or a game company. We used to like games.

scotchmouth2110d ago

It's not just you. It's the clear winning formula to get hits. Say something outrageous and you get heat and replies which is what they are going for.

tarbis2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Negativity at Sony in general. Haven't seen a single negative article about M$ or never since there's nothing to report. XD

GSpartan7772110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Unfortunately, it's the only way to guarantee hits and N4G has basically become that: a warzone for these second rate sites who battle for hits and they know that they can only do that by nit-picking or calling well perceived games terrible and defending themselves with "It's just my opinion bro"

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scofios2110d ago


That is because n4g is a M$ heaven.
your not allowed to say or to post anything negative about M$.

Proof.check my post later on .

BrutallyBlunt2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Negativity attracts headlines and N4G is proof of that. Just imagine the hits on this site if the headline wrote Kinect is a failure, Microsoft stops making them. I'm sure that is what the major portion of this community wants to read or the Playstation 3 has finally surpassed XBOX 360 total hardware sales.

It is the members who create this situation. This site is full of drama and the largest portion of members are Sony fans.

@ tarbis and scofios, there is negativity about M$. Just look at your guy's history comments. It is members like you who make this an issue instead of ignoring it. It's the Sony fans on this site who are overly defensive about everything.

The forums on N4G are an embarrassment to all Playstation 3 owners such as myself. Most of us don't act that way. Most of us don't care about this console war going on with the XBOX 360 like you guys do. Most of us actually enjoy our Playstation 3's without the need to tell everyone how much better the system is. Most of us can also enjoy other systems like the XBOX 360 and Wii without resorting to being immature about it or bashing the competition. In fact most of us Playstation 3 owners don't even post on game forums, especially this one.

One days you guys will grow up and realize gaming is universal and should be enjoyed by everyone. Not trying to separate themselves because they pick one of the systems.

Anybody who disagrees with me without actually stating why are the very people I am talking about.

MsclMexican2110d ago

Dude I used to come to N4G for news.... now I hate coming here because of all this negativity I keep seeing. It really blows

tiffac0082110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )


I checked your comments as well and it seems you've mainly to singled out Sony fans as a problem in N4G but at the same time disregarding the trolls/haters who post anti-sony comments even if the article is a positive one.

It seems like we have a double standard issue here and that's why I can't take your righteous comments seriously.

If you really are an anti-fanboy, you may want to stop singling out just one fanbase because there are plenty of them also on the other side of the fence.

scofios2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )


I already caught a fly .
I love it when some fanboy accuse somebody else.
en pretend to be a angel.
guess wath?
Your no different dude.
And you history shows it.

Well said .

tarbis2110d ago

I can attest to that.
Imagine, I was banned just for bubbling up a comment against M$ which has SOME TRUTH IN IT!

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Horny2110d ago

I too thought it was just flamebait at first. But the author does make some good points. I can tell he enjoyed the story of the first two but the third introduced new characters without explaining them or just kind of dropping them in the next chapter.
Uncharted 3 honestly doesn't focus as much on the story and is more so built around the set pieces.

With that said I am not worried about the last of us. It's a different type of game and yes naughty are capable of writing a good story, they just didn't focus on that part in uncharted 3. The story in U3 was built around the set pieces.

RedDead2110d ago

Uncharted's stories are always very average...when talking about pacing it's the gameplay and set piece's pacing that is exceptional. ND have not been trying for some amazing story, they just give a general safe storyline, some comedy and an excuse to let the player kill someone over something. I did feel Uncharted 3's "dark" aspects were a bit stupid, constantly saying stuff like "you could get hurt, why are you doing this etc" Drake has killed hundreds of people over 'treasure'. There are no ****ing morals in the game or a dark side to it, trying to bring some in was a bad idea imo. Disagree away though

As for The last of us, I think, if ND actually want to do a dark story, they can easily, there games are nothing but brilliant, if they do focus on Storytelling there is no doubt they can nail it. As you said, it's different than Uncharted. It's not looking to put us on a boat with some mad filler side plot to the story, simply because they want to put us in a sinking boat(was amazing btw).

extermin8or2110d ago

I love the uncharted games seriously they are some of my favorite games and I love uncharted 3 it's brilliant fun to play however I agree with alot of what that guy says; Uncharted 3 did feel as I was playing it abit disjointed and almost rushed? (storyline wise) yes there were soo many epic set pieces and the story was still better than many games but it just felt like they were jumping around the world without ever really explaining anything fully- like certain revelations from marlowe that aren't mentioned again; I had to play the game twice to catch on too wtf the ending witht elana was actually about- talk about criptic and the very end felt like a cop out; I could tel they didn't do monster to make it stand out slightly from the previous 2 games but the tainted water thing was abit meh and the final boss was entertaining but didn't really make sense and marlowes death was just a way to eliminate her that didn't involve drake battering an unarmed; thin old women who didn't look capable of defending hereself. The previous uncharted's had better stories but remember this is made my the same people as the previous uncharted much of uncharted 3s more senior developers were newish to the roles from what I understand :p

BrutallyBlunt2110d ago

@ Horny. It is flamebait material as long as the community continues to react instead of discuss. See how defensive some of the members get without actually talking about the article itself? The Uncharted games are amazing but the story does have holes in it. The writing isn't the greatest. It's like comparing Michael Bay movies to the Oscars.

People need to support constructive criticism more and not react. Those who simply react are fanboys and we don't need them.

The Last Of Us looks interesting. We all know how well Naughty Dog is at creating a exciting game but we don't know how good they are at creating good storylines and that is what the article is trying to address. Do any of us work for Naughty Dog here? Then stop acting like it.

Horny2110d ago

Levelhead. I loved that you used the Michael bay reference because I was going to do the same.
And you are right. It's sad that we can't properly discuss games we like even if it is issues with them without guys reacting to discussions like they do.
Many of us who try and have a decent conversation about games get bubbled down to the point were we can't speak until we satisfy one fanboy side.
Thanks guys for having the balls to say something one of your favorite games lacks.

miyamoto2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

U3 was built first with levels in mind not story. As we can see at the Bonus Videos of the game. The story telling was tailor fitted to complement the levels planned before hand. So this literally tells us that ND was concerned about technical stuff & game play first before the story. And they tried to cram so many stuff on the game.

technical mastery of PS3
specially the fully procedural ocean, sand & fire effects
varied levels and set pieces
better graphics
best character models on SP specially younger Sully and Chloe
best MP

why U2 story telling is very good is because of
story premise of love triangles tickles,
young, fresh & vibrant characters
Harry Flynn > Charlie Cutter
very witty yet funny dialogue
very well fleshed out character development
great ending sequences

all positive stuff if you ask me.
and its just a game.

MaxXAttaxX2107d ago

It's just made a bigger deal when talking about Uncharted for some reason.

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MizTv2110d ago

nd are one of the best devs in the world and yes this is bs. my fav game from them has to be uc2 i just love that game!!

Neko_Mega2110d ago

Last I check this their storys have been better than Tomb Rider (Or whatever its called).

Some people can't deal with the fact that ND makes good games with good stores.

Why o why2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

goty contenders are never perfect. Yes improvements can always be made but making an article based on the writers opinion on uncharted's story is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

LewisDenby2110d ago

You do understand the concept of an opinion piece, right? And how almost every known publication, from national papers to specialist magazines, runs them on a frequent basis?

Christopher2110d ago

I don't get your response. I can see you disagreeing with him, but you instead say that people write OpEds and that it is normal. But, he didn't say it was wrong to write an OpEd, he said that the choice in OpEd was a poor choice.

Why o why2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Sorry lewis and cheers cgoodno

Its one of the better stories told through an action game this gen... Maybe the writer should concentrate on action games in general because there are a load and many of them arent even up to uncharteds standard. Action based films and games rarely tell a great plot hole free story. I would like to see the writers opinion on more of this gens ones... Why just uncharted. Why not bayonetta or gears 3 or vanquish.. Why is 1 action game up for such scrutiny.

If the writer wrote an article about the plot holes in a game like heavy rain then i wouldnt of made my first comment or complained because that game was all about emotion and the story so i feel it would deserve a higher level of scrutiny.. I really enjoyed heavy rain btw but some of that story mad zero sense plus it had a few mega plot holes. Im currently playing it again and its just as enjoyable.

I also agree with a few here that u2s story seemed better but each of the 3 had good and not so good parts about their story. ...all bark no bite.....really, nobodys above contructive critism but isnt that title a little sensational. Why worry about the last of us when the writer states he enjoyed the story of the first two games so 2 of 3 isnt exactly grounds for concern imo....lets just wait and see. Im sure naughty dog will take the criticism on board. Everything will be fresh for their next game so it should be easier to tell a story as theres no back story or previous game in the series for people to make links to

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