First Gameplay Footage for Undead Labs 'Class 3' Gets Leaked

For anybody who follows this site it’s no secret that I’m in love with the upcoming Zombie title from the super talented folk over at Undead Labs. I make it a personal mission of mine to keep absolutely up to the minute with what they’re doing, so imagine my unmitigated joy when i checked in today and found a video, a very special video indeed.

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Noticeably_FAT2333d ago

Wow! that looks really impressive. I wonder if it's going to be a 720 launch title? It's hard to tell from the cam footage, but the graphics look sick!

Microsoft people could have their own zombie exclusive to look forward to.

This is shaping up to be an interesting year indeed.

StrongMan2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Hmmm, taking a look at your comment history when The Last of Us was revealed this is what you said:

"Trolls aren't the only ones saying "Not another zombie game".
It's a played out genre right now"

Why so excited for this "zombie" game? Oh that's right, it's on your console of choice.

Bundi2332d ago

Hehehehe. Hypocrisy. What N4G is known for

r212333d ago

the game looks pretty good for an xbla title. looking forward to when this game releases.

JellyJelly2333d ago

Looks too good to be an XBLA title.

Vielar2333d ago

True, but it is confirmed as an XBLA exclusive. Just means it'll be pushing the console pretty hard.

Abdou232332d ago

It will be like 4-5 GB,next Alan Wake is also too good to be XBLA title.

Vielar2332d ago

The size really depends on it's optimization. As it's an XBLA exclusive i'd expect some real stream lining to reduce the download size. 2-3gb seems more realistic.

Consider that Skyrim had an optimized install of only a few GB, large games optimized properly don't necessarily needs a large file.

gtxgamer22332d ago

looks alright, graphics are good. Just need to smooth the gameplay mechanics