Worst Wii Game Ever? IGN's 1/10 for Offroad Extreme Special Edition

IGN's Matt Casamassina writes:
"In Offroad Racing! Special Edition, you drive your monster truck over primitive N64-style landscapes littered with money signs, among other things. The money signs award cash for upgrades, but we think the real motivation to maneuvering over them is to get your money back, having wasted it on the racer in the first place. The fact that this boring, clumsy, amateur racing game is labeled a special edition is baffling to me – it is especially bad, but otherwise there is nothing special about it. Even at $29.99, you're paying way too much for this rush-job experience. If you ever get the chance to rent it, don't. And if somebody buys it for you this holiday, you should close out that friendship immediately."

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MK_Red3875d ago

Well, at least now we know what is the worst Wii game created. It's next to impossible to get 1/10 from IGN but this game did it.

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3875d ago

Is still far better than Motorstorm.

Maddens Raiders3875d ago

and the six inmates that agreed with you need to lay off all the paint sniffing. If you voted for yourself however; then carry on, you have bigger, more serious problems to deal with mate. LOL 8D

Ri0tSquad3875d ago

You need to see a psychiatrist asap.

beoulve3875d ago

lol ken, be creative man. You are trying to follow N4G's bill gates??

andy0013875d ago

If you could get 1000 gamerpoints by playing it I bet you would buy it you muppet :o)

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UnblessedSoul3875d ago

You keep telling yourself that maybe it will come true /sarcasm

akaFullMetal3875d ago

wow, latest wii scores today have been really bad

spandexxking3875d ago

maybe coz its a last gen gimmick.. wiitards need to get a proper console like a ps3/360.

LinuxGuru3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Unless Nintendo can release more quality games, then the Wii will become an also-ran, and will be quickly forgotten about, and only remembered as a fad.

What shocks me is that Nintendo no longer has a concept approval process, as they did pre-2003.

After 2003, Nintendo removed the words "of quality" from their "Nintendo Seal of quality"

So basically, if you can make it for the Wii, and submit it to Nintendo....there's your wii game! Who cares if it's about nothing in particular and the game has LOUSY interface and LOUSY mechanics and LOUSY graphics and HORRIBLE story....not Nintendo!

Nintendo has gone from quality gaming company to money-grubbing, low-quality game-supporting megaflop.

Nintendo has made so much money from the DS and the Wii, they are in it.

Their newfound support for the casual and non-gamer audience has turned Nintendo into every-man's game company...which I don't like.

Anybody want my Wii?

It's reallllllllly dusty from non-use, but I can clean it before I sell it to you!



supermandead6663875d ago

Agree, even those i dislike the 360 because of RROD, i rare have a 360 with RROD instead over hype gimmick so call next gen console, the wii is nothing more than just a tick me elmo.

Tarmgar3875d ago

Agree with 4.2. I have a PS3 but I'd GLADLY take a 360 than a damn Wii. Nintendo is a money gobbler and their quality has gone to hell. They need to head back to the basics that once brought them on top before.

commadore653874d ago

although i agree games that are crap shouldnt see the light of day, nintendo has always been seen as hard on third party input.

guess they are finally making it easy on third party devs now.

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Relientk773875d ago

and why is the wii selling again? ...

The wii? u mean the most overrated console

Razzy3875d ago

The little kiddie brats of the world are screaming at their parents for it. That's why it's selling.

john_doe3875d ago

Because... wii sports, mario galaxy, mario paper, RE umbrella chronicles, RE4, Metroid Prime 3, Zack and wicky, Medal of honour heroes 2, battalion wars, among others are great games... thats why its selling dude.

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