IGN Gives 1.2/10 to Wii's Mini Desktop Racing

IGN writes:
"Mini Desktop Racing is another shovelware title that simply needs to be ignored at all costs. It's better than its partner in crime, Offroad Extreme, but only by a hair, as the racer's controls are still extremely uncomfortable, pretty unresponsive, and completely lackluster. Mini-games in Wario Ware, Wii Play, or EA's Wii Playground run circles around this game, and offer a ton of other modes on top of basic slot car racing. Mini's visuals are a joke, and if this game was available on Wii Ware rather than on physical media we'd still recommend it for absolutely nobody, as it's nothing short of insulting. The back of Mini's box labels this game as "A perfect combination of miniature Mini mayhem and madcap multiplayer madness." We'd say that alone doesn't do the game justice though, as it also "Musters magnificent malignant migraines and manages to make marvelous must-play moto-racing for masochists with moronic monetary management." The fact that Nintendo even puts its official seal on this game is nothing short of laughable."

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MK_Red3904d ago

I know to best selling consoles always get the most crappy games but Wii is breaking the garbage game records. No other console had so many ZZZ, 1/10 to 1.5/10 games in it's first year.

iceice1233904d ago

This game is a gem. It's an easy 10/10 imo. IGN is nuts, everything about this game is great.

marinelife93904d ago

I think the lowest game score I've ever seen is a 1.0

superman3904d ago

Oh well.....cant blame Nintendo for the garbage people make. 1.2/

Hugh Hefner3904d ago

I blame them, they have to agree to the titles being produced and such... and these crappy titles also come with the "official" Nintendo seal (formerly known as Nintendo Seal of Quality)

dexterwang3904d ago

Disagree as well... nintendo's simple programing and lack of power is the prime platform for retarded games like this.

Most nintendo games, cept very few good ones, doesn't require voice work, good animation, detailed textures etc etc

I own the wii and despise it so much is because its seriously destroying the gaming market. Weak underdevelop games will sell just because its on the wii... and monkey see monkey do and we end up with more and more developers going to the wii instead of the 360 or the ps3

ChickeyCantor3904d ago

Wii can push more then this on your screen i really cant see how you blame Nintendo.

Crappy productions, result in crappy ratings.
but yes Nintendo approves this, simply because they don't see any problem with this game then being a game( Doesn't matter how you put it its still a game nomatter how crappy it is )

akaFullMetal3904d ago

wow, 1.2 out of 10, is not good

tatotiburon3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

IGN is getting paid by sony jajajaja

EDIT: anyway, the wii has a lot but A LOT OF GAMES, the library is so big but the most part are crap. Everybody wants to make games for wii, for money, the wii is huge, no doubt about that but may be less and better games will not hurt anyone

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The story is too old to be commented.