Pamphlet lists Final Fantasy X, other Vita titles for North America

A retail pamphlet, supposedly sent out by Sony, lists Final Fantasy X, a Monster Hunter title, and Lord of Apocalypse for North America.

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PshycoNinja2510d ago

Very interesting. I wanted to play Lord of Apocalypse and Final Fantasy X on my Vita so this news gets me pumped up.

Ranma12510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Anyone else think FF10 was the last great FF??

sloth33952510d ago

i thought 12 was good too

knifefight2510d ago

XII and Type-0 are supergood. ^_^

Misterhbk2510d ago

Final Fantasy X and Monster Hunter confirmed for NA?

I like it! Take my money Sony, SE and Capcom!

Larry L2509d ago

IDK if 10 was the last good FF, but it was the last FF I really loved. But while I hated 12 at the time because I wasn't really controlling my party like old FFs, I'd almost like to go back and revisit 12 at some point after LOVING Dragon Age Origins (and 2 to a lesser extent), because now I got the idea of programming tactics properly which I didn't even CARE to learn back in the FF12 days. I won't go ba ck and play 12 now, but if they do a HD remake/remaster of that around the end of this generation, I'd probably pick it up just to see if I enjoy it more now that I was forced to learn and come to enjoy programming tactics for my party.

As for this Monster Hunter for Vita, I have to assume it's the same exact game that's coming for PS3, and they'll probably release the same day. The MHP3HD game. Though here obviously it will be called MHF3HD. I'm a HUGE Monster Hunter fan. MH on PS2 is my favorite online game of all time. And I am getting a Vita. But truth be told I've always prefered Monster Hunter from my couch with a dual shock in my hand, not a PSP or even a Vita. If I'm right and it's the same game for PS3 and Vita, I will be getting the PS3 version for sure.

Though I admit I am disappointed they didn't bring back the original right analog stick attacking now that Vita has the right stick now and this game is going to be on PS3 as well.

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Ranma12510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

FF10 was last FF to have an FF standard sotry, that is an epic story.

I did not think the story of FF12 and FF13 were epic, or even good, they were mediocre . SE needs to hire proper script writers.

SpaceFox2510d ago

Can't wait, FFX HD is one of the main reasons I want a Vita. They need to release a trailer or at least some screenshots.

MasterCornholio2510d ago

I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Vita gets a monster Hunter game. But what surprises me is that if that's true why hasn't capcom announced it yet?

Kurisu2510d ago

Monster Hunter Portable 3 was announced quite some time ago, but then the status of it went unknown after Monster Hunter 4 got announced.

sloth33952509d ago

when the Vita was first shown Capcom said they are working on a downloadable version of Portable 3rd so it can be played on it

Studio-YaMi2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

if that list is true
my head is gonna explode....

I was really bothered by the (almost fact) that most of these titles which were launched in Japan wouldn't reach the states ! if this news could be trusted,then I have a ray of hope ;___; ....

Ddouble2510d ago

I'm happy Monster Hunter is coming. I can finally see what all the fuss is about. Still not sure which platform to get FFX on though. Might get it on both if it supports transfarring.

No Ragnarok Odyssey, Tales of Innocence and Final Fantasy Type-0 is dissapointing though.

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