Gamezone Reviews UTIII PS3(8.8)

Gamezone reviews Unreal Tournament III for the Playstation 3.

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Anything but Cute3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Looks like it's gonna be pretty good. Anyway, I'm already on the 360 bandwagon.

"Someone just informed me that my avatar might give some people the idea that I'm a "Pedo"

What has the world come to?"

Maddens Raiders3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Bioshock again and get the hell out. No one cares what bandwagon you're on. btw....nice way to rip that pic from the headlines. Wonder who threw her up first..... Be original, get a personality and stop being a childish prick.

TANOD3903d ago

the XTARDS troll all ps3 news forums

Anything but Cute3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Only I used it as an avatar. And I'm very happy with it. I think the little girl is adorable. And it brings a smile to me.

Sometimes you gotta cheerup. Not be so gloomy.

straightpiff4203903d ago

Seems like a good review but I expected a 9.0 at least. Doesn't really matter though because this is going on my christmas wishlist

marinelife93903d ago

See you all online tomorrow night!

3903d ago
Ri0tSquad3903d ago


How about those Microsoft kids?

robep33903d ago

Good review site mentions on 360 & and pc should say on pc now
timed exclusive for PS3 for a good few months plus we can download
pc mods to use on PS3 BECAUSE of our nice open PSN that's not controlled by a megalomaniac corporation LOL LOL LOL.


Bathyj3903d ago

"All PS3 owners are jobless children who don't buy games because their parents hate them."

HA, thats pathetic, just like the clown who said it.

I could generalize if I wanted too and say Xbox owners are cheap tightarses that constantly complain about price yet all own 2 or 3 Xboxes for some reason and will buy any crap game as long as it has deathmatch with it to justify their live accounts.

But I wont do that. I dont want to live on your level. I visited your level on a school camp once, it stank.

EggFiary3903d ago

Does UT3 has 4 player split screen for offline?

Skizelli3902d ago

How does ripping a pic from the headlines for an avatar hold any relevance when 99% of the images used for headlines are ripped to begin with?

Polluted3902d ago

Since everyone is going off about avatars I just want to say props to Bathyj for the best avatar I've ever seen. Wonder Boy rocks my world.

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Maddens Raiders3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

I was expecting a 10/10, but they couldn't find enough flaws to give it the elusive number. <-----sarcasm

Good to see that the negatives stem from the reviewers interpretation that overall it's still the same soul of the 1998 game. With all of that out of the way, I'll be picking this up as soon as I wake. 8D

TANOD3903d ago

PC UT3 = 8.5 on GZ

PS3 UT3 = 8.8 on GZ

Hugh Hefner3903d ago

They weren't reviewed by the same person, that will explain the difference as there is no comparison between the two.

ruibing3903d ago

I think as long as they implemented all the features on the PC for the PS3 with no performance problems or glitches, we should just be happy that they did a good job. Beyond that it is simply a matter of personal preference.

EZCheez3903d ago

Nothing wrong with an 8.8. Uncharted has gotten lower scores and I thought that game was amazing so an 8.8 sounds awesome.

Also, does anybody here have the PC version as well? I'm thinking about getting it just to make some mods.

visage3903d ago

@2.1-thanks for putting those scores up, saved me time from looking them up myself :x

On topic- This game is looking good, can't wait to get it tomorrow.

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ATLRoAcH3903d ago

Thinking about getting this, seeing as how theres nothing else good coming out for a little bit.The multiplayer should be awesome.

consolewar3902d ago

"seeing as how theres nothing else good(ps3) coming out for a little(this is waiting) bit"

Hydrollex3903d ago

UT3 graphics > halo 3 graphics

If you disagree yo are a dumb mofo who doesnt like to believe things.

Robotz Rule3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Great,true and funny comment:)

I can't wait to pick up UTIII PS3 later this month,I'm still too busy with COD4 online atm.

ATLRoAcH3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

do look sweet as hell.Every screenshot I've seen is beautiful.Thats why the guy said this-

Graphics: 9.6
Beautiful in both motion and at a standstill, the Unreal Engine 3 provides eye-popping graphics for Unreal Tournament 3. Not having played Uncharted yet, I’d have to say this is the best game, in terms of graphics, to be released on the PS3.

TANOD3903d ago

UT3 PC got 8.5 on GZ (9.5 in graphics)

UT3 PS3 has got 8.8 on GZ (9.6 in graphics)

toughNAME3903d ago

Most newly released games look better than Halo 3 does

Halo has always shined in gameplay, and since you love to compare, UT3 got an 8.5 in's lowest mark out of all the categories


Back to the article...I wasn't expecting it to be this high...but I think I'll wait for IGN

boodybandit3903d ago

What did you expect UT3 to get? The graphics look to be amazing and most previews say it runs very smooth. Past UT games have excellent gameplay and Epic really added a lot to multiplayer with vehicles and new online modes.

Personally I think a game of this caliber deserves a solid 9 if not higher unless there are serious performance problems.

season0073903d ago

i remember 2 weeks ago it was like 5 and a few days ago it was like 4?

guess your pain in spain really hurts a lot of troll's heart...

i will get you a bubble =)

toughNAME3903d ago

Im not all that sure...I mean the previews and everything I've heard about the game has been good..but not great

I guess its more of a personal reason for me
I love my shooters but I've never been a fan of UT and I think the graphics have always had a... sloppy look

Thats just me though

Bolts3902d ago

Any review of UT3 prior to the mass release of the game sucks. Thats like reviewing Warhawk before the game goes live, the reviewer isn't able to experience the multiplayer to it's fullest like a normal player would. He won't be able to see what's its like to play with complete strangers to judge the teamwork elements in modes like warefare and CTF, he also won't be able to report on whatever connectivity issues that may or may not popup.

But the worst thing about this review is it tell us absolutely nothing about the PS3's UT3 beyond what we already know. Is there aiming assist, how does it work? Is there a lobby system? What about stats tracking? Are the maps too small or big for 18 players? Are the weapons better balanced in CTF and warfare mode this time around, in UT 2004 team modes weren't that great because you're using deatmatch weapons against tanks...basically real information that UT3 players actually need from a review.

It sounds to me like this guy wrote the review by reading whats written on the back of the box. No real details concerning the PS3's game and game modes at all.

Skizelli3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Wow, Hydrolex, you're pretty quick. Did you come up with that analysis all by yourself? Just the fact that you made that comparison makes you a dumb mofo. It doesn't make Halo 3 any less fun, though. Why even attempt to start a flame war?

As for the topic, UT3 is a blast. I'd much rather play this on a PC, but PS3 fans should have a blast. They went back to the UT roots on this one. Though it takes a bit getting used to not being able to do a double jump out of a dodge.

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Dante82053903d ago

xboxs are very mad they cant get this until much later this year