Unreal Tournament developer doles out some tips

Unreal Tournament III finally gets released in the US tomorrow and one of its developers, Art Production Manager Chris Mielke, has posted some tips on the PlayStation.Blog. So if you're picking the game up at any point, make sure you take note of Chris' advice. While the main bulk of his post is a walkthrough of the level "Suspense" he also includes some random pearls of wisdom. Check out the blog post and try to osmose as much information as you can in readiness of tomorrow.

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Phalken_Six3756d ago

I wont be able to sleep tonight! This would add another great shooter to my collection

Phalken_Six3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

I wont be able to sleep tonight! This would add another great shooter to my collection.

AAARGH!! Sorry for the re-post guys

Rice3756d ago

lol, if that happens i just edit it, and say buhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............ .....47, you should do that, it helps

solar3756d ago

i got the call from gamestop a second ago. my copy will be in tomorrow afternoon. which is kinda poopy cuz i have a half day tomorrow. i was hoping to get going at about noon :( sniffle....

Relcom3756d ago

10:01 am i own this game

actas1233756d ago

I have a question, which might sound stupid:
Is this game single and multiplayer or only multiplayer???

aaquib53756d ago

10 hour single player campaign with player online/offline co-op, and you can play all the multiplayer modes with bots by yourself, or take it online to 17 other players!

TheIneffableBob3756d ago

If you've ever played the previous UTs' single-player, UT3's single-player is just like that, except with a cheesy story tacked on. All you do is play UT3's maps with bots.

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