New Gaming Controller

Imagine playing a flight simulation video game that lets you guide the aircraft with your hands alone. Or think about sparring with a virtual boxing opponent by doing nothing but standing up and throwing punches in the air.

If an Israeli company called 3DV Systems has its way, you won't have to just imagine it, or many other examples of games that users could control entirely with their hands, for much longer. That's because its new ZCam, a 3D camera that plugs directly into a PC, is designed to let gamers' hands be the only controllers they need.

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Bull5hifT3902d ago

The Eye Toy will be Obsolete

StarsCream3902d ago

Bring back the UForce!

Just kidding, that thing sucked!

ravinash3902d ago

granted the games are not there yet, but the tech whats so new with this?

Rooted_Dust3902d ago

Why would I want that? Do you fly a real plane just by moving your hands around?

jinn3901d ago

but what would we throw when we get mad?