The 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2011

Though 2011 might go down as delivering some of the best video games the industry has seen yet, it wasn’t without its blemishes. Amidst titles like Skyrim, Portal 2, and Batman were some games that left gamers with broken controllers and tarnished expectations. Overall, it may have been a winner, but 2011 still had its fair share of stinkers.

And it is here that will look back on some of those vessels of suck that seemed worthwhile in concept, but fell flat on their face in execution. There were sequels to games that were actually pretty great and adaptations of film properties that were box office successes, but none could capture lightning in a bottle like they had hoped. So without further ado, let’s start with the first disappointing game of 2011.

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OhMyGandhi2531d ago

must say a pretty good list.
Homefront, from a conceptual standpoint is definitely one that could have been so much more than a COD clone.

Duke Nukem Forever was going to let us down no matter what. But then again, if you build even the slightest resemblance of an expectation over that period of time, your destined to be let down in a big way.

Call of Juarez: a terrible sequel to a fantastic game, changing everything about it, and trying to cater for a larger fan base. The "Western" theme in videogames is insanely unique and really hasn't been taken advantage of, and that's where "Cartel" shoots itself in the foot; changing core gameplay to make for a mundane romp through a forgettable shooter.

Socom 4 is yet another game that simply changed (notice the trend?) it's core gameplay for more trigger happy folks. Socom 2 (my favorite) was the splinter cell of third person shooters. It was about waiting and watching, and getting the jump on someone for a quick kill. Socom 4 was about running down an enemy for quite some time, wandering across the entire map to finish him off, and ending up in a wide open space with barely anything to hide beyond.

I rarely comment on these types of articles, because they are insanely easy to write, and state the same games as other lists just like it.

This list brought a couple new ones to the table, and that's why it caught my attention, haha.

acemonkey2531d ago

another list with like 2 good or more good games in it...that they think sucked