Even in Japan, 360 still holds highest attach rate

Only Famitsu and Media Create numbers will be used, and every title will receive the benefit of the doubt. In other words, the sales total for a title will be whichever firm tracks it higher.

Nintendo Wii:
Hardware = 3,945,429 through Dec 2/07 (MC)
Tie Ratio = 2.60

Sony PS3:
Hardware = 1,440,642 Through Nov 25/07
Tie Ratio = 1.95

Microsoft X360:
Hardware = 509,314 through Nov 25/07
Tie Ratio = 3.93

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Tommie3818d ago

Xbox 360 = Software king

TANOD3818d ago

when it is selling well only in NA in terms of hardwares

at the end hardware sales determine the winner of a war NOT THE SOFTWARE sales

x360 couldnt even sell 500 000 units in 2 years in Japan

stunt2133817d ago

thats pretty good then for 360

PS3PCFTW3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )


i see xbots went into "antifailure" mode......... AGAIN

surprise surprise, there ARE xbots in japan.
mostly americans that moved there.

title should read
"even in japan x360 still holds highest hardware failure rates"


Hugh Hefner3817d ago

Sony and Microsoft make money not by selling hardware, but by selling software. In fact, sony still loses money on every PS3 sold, not the same case with MS and the Xbox 360.

PS3n3603817d ago

WTF? that is totally untrue. Whoever makes the most money wins the war. Guess where Sony and MS make their money. Hint They lose money on every console sold and make that money back in software sales. Therefore Higher attach rate = more profit = winner. The scary part is that if the PS3 attach rate stays this low for the entire life cycle developers are going to bail. I dont know whats up with people that dont buy games. I have had my PS3 for less than a week and I have 3 games already and going to get at least 2 more by month end. BUY some damn games people!!!

Percy3817d ago

xbox360............. 509314 * 3.93 = 2001604.2
PS3.................1440642 * 1.93 = 2809251.9

So who has sold more software math sucks.

tomfoolery3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Oh sorry,Sony doesn't have any balls.
Game developers must be Mcluvin the 360 ,woot woot!

Hey,I heard tell that certain Sonyboys on this site are starting to
jump ship to a real GAMING console(the 360).
Don't want to mention their names,but GOOD for them!

Welcome aboard my new brothers and little sisters,I forgive you.
You won't regret your decisions on moving to higher levels of
gaming bliss and brighter horizons.
See yas on Xlive.

ruibing3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

The 360's best decision was in securing those Japanese (hopefully just timed) exclusives and Mistwalkers studio, which gave them titles like Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Beautiful Katamarii, and Lost Odyssey.

It's amazing what some money and a year of head starts can do for attach rate, though no so much for actual hardware/software sales. Up until now, there have been more games on the 360 and almost every cross platformers usually end up having been available for the 360 longer.

But if we look at a recent release simultaneous of Dynasty Warriors 6, a real favorite there as well as a personal. We see a different trend:

280,559 (PS3) vs 36,863 (360)

There are different explanations, such as people who bought 360 like western games, but it's just something to keep in mind when comparing total software sales for two years versus one year.

If you are talking about the "PS3 LIMPS ON" guy, he has switched many times in the past.

I double checked on Kotaku, and you were right about Assassin's Creed being released for only the 360 so far.

JokesOnYou3817d ago

Assassins Creed was released for the ps3 in Japan=


vgn243817d ago

In you fun little number breakdown there, you forgot to factor in hardware loss. If PS3 is losing much more money per unit sold than 360 which is now losing almost nothing per unit sold, then MS has made the most money of the two in the region.

I'm just going to sit back, point and giggle now.

hardcorehippiez3817d ago

good one haha shame it cant be said about their hardware. only thing stopping me from getting another 1 .

MANTIIS3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Its you ppl that cling to this fiction, that 360 has the "best games, " that are hilarious. Maybe "more" games, but I'm betting that PS3's almost 200 game library can weed out a lot of the garbage that qualifies as "most games" for the 360, and match "quality" games pound for pound. This will hold even more true in '08. It is funny to think how long the Xbots will cling to this redundant concept (360=best games), when in 2009 esteemed analysts predict a major decline in the 360, where PS3 surpasses it

I hope you Xbots save this page so we can maniacally laugh at your feeble arses when it eventually happens. My prediction, M$ will eventually drop out of the console business.

Percy3817d ago

This has nothing to do with hardware or profits this is simply who sells the most software and if we are to assume that those attachment rates are correct than we should be able to multiply them and come up with a round about number of software units sold.

bennyace3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

That PS3 exclusives are 'Rent Only' material???
Looks like it !!!
Or maybe it means that PS3 fanboys prefer quality over quantity, as they say, but didn't care when the PS2 was in it's prime and had a ton of crappy games, and they're still waiting for the quality games to comes out!!!

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UnblessedSoul3818d ago

Because people buy all the bargain bin games when they become cheap for ms points by unlocking achievements nothing new

Lex Luthor3817d ago

You do realise Uncharted and R&C sunk without a trace in Japan.
They even tried to give Ratchet japanese eyebrows and it still failed.
Halo 3 has outsold both games in japan.

Bladestar3818d ago

lol... thats funny... I hope developers keep in mind that how many consoles sony sells means $h!t for them... but the ability of a console to deliver their games to the right demographic.. not a bunch of movie lovers...

@UnblessedSoul - how does that change anything? specially for developers?

Vertius3817d ago

The 360's been out for two years, it's expected to have sold more software, especially considering the RPGs that've been released in recent months.

Expect a difference when MGS4 and FFXIII are released.

rofldings3817d ago

What are you talking about? The attach ratio is so damn high is because it includes 2 years of sales + only 500,000 units. Obviously the tie ratio will be high when the total consoles sold is only 500k.


Console A: 2,200,000 / 1,440,642 = 1.53 tie ratio

Console B: 1,100,000 / 500,000 = 2.2 tie ratio

Sure, the ratio is higher on console B, but console A moved double the games.

ruibing3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Rather than compare different titles, I think we should compare cross-platformers released on the same date for both platforms. This is because certain titles such, as Enchanted Arms and NFS Carbon, were released almost a year ealier on the PS3 platform.

season0073817d ago

Nintendo Wii , 1 year=2.6
Sony PS3, 1 year= 1.95
Microsoft Xbox360, 1 year = 3.93/2=1.965

o wait....1% attachment rate over PS3, and you are pround of it considering 1% can be ignored in an estimation....

jaja14343817d ago

I see what you did with your math there, but thats not really how it works...

paracardium3817d ago

lol I can't believe I just wasted my time reading this :(.

Boink3817d ago

and even funnier that you wasted more time writing about something that's a waste of your time

uxo223817d ago

That was beautiful! My My, timing is