Japan's Favorite Crotch Model Makes Appearance in Next Yakuza

Japan's favorite crotch-shot model, Yinling of Joy Toy, will be making an appearance in the upcoming third installment of Yakuza.

If you don't follow Japanese soft-porn celebrities, Yinling is a Taiwanese-born swimsuit model well-known in Japan primarily for her signature low-squat and legs-spread pose.

Skilled as she as at this job, she also moonlights as a "talent," which is defined as someone who appears on Japanese variety shows regularly enough to be known for doing such. Yes, I know that's extremely circular and makes no sense, but often enough neither do the existence of most "talents."

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King20083901d ago

Yyyyiiiiipppppeeeee.....who cares!!

LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL3901d ago

"Hey quick, bring that slut out for the gamers to look at! Maybe they will lose focus that they have no games to play! HURRY HURRY!!!!!"

W A I T B 3 Y O N D


cloud360-7th_account3901d ago

hahahah am laughing so much at some sad person. is there something wrong being sad.

Maube for tje better or worse. you are sad for the wrose

IGNFTW3901d ago


Skerj3901d ago

That shouldn't be funny but for some reason it is, bubbles for you sir.

ruibing3901d ago

Hmm would it be bad if this helped enforce my purchase decision for the game?

akaFullMetal3900d ago

whatever, just another game trying to use sex appeal to sell abit more copies

resistance1003900d ago

Well to be fair, the majority of this games sales will come from japan, and this will appeal to them

moses3900d ago

She really isn't even that attractive.
Mizuki on the other hand...

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