Lost Odyssey: Cinematic Intro

Live through the many generations of loves, losses, and conflicts of which Kaim is a part of.

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Anything but Cute3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Now that I'm a newly XBOX 360 fan. I'm looking at all the games there is too get. Bioshock, Saints Row, Crackdown, FIFA 07, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Halo 3, Dead Rising, The Condemned, F.E.A.R the good version, even Prey.

Anyway, I'm glad for the 360. Feel like I'm a happy gamer again. First time in a long time! I'm a gamer again! You get the real version of every great game not the handicap version.

Now, the only problem is having enough money!

Azures3690d ago

Lol. Fairweather fans.

jaja14343690d ago

Pretty, not mind blowing like FF12 opening, but pretty none the less. Like the music choice as well.

ThisIsWaiting3690d ago

that opening didnt use the actual game engine ....

jaja14343689d ago

Neither did the Final Fantasy CGI movies. Doesn't change the fact that it looks great,

ThisIsWaiting3689d ago

I was talking about FF12 not using its actual engine to produce those CGI movies .. whereas LO does.

wageslave3690d ago

Mind blowing!

Much better than the crap Square is shoveling with their Hironobu Sakaguchi-less Final-Fake XII.


See what happens fanboys, when you open up your mind to new things?

Suddenly by trying the 360, you enjoy it and see its got some amazing games!!!!

This is just but one of the many, Cute. Lost Odyssey is going to become a system seller in Japan.....I sense it. It will be a slow burn.....but oh its going to sell..

This game will sell good all over the place.....

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