The simExchange - Industry to set Software Sales Record

The simExchange has released their monthly industry report.

Key Topics:
- Video games to break record sales
- PC Games continue to cannibalize each other
- Assassin's Creed - the woes of new intellectual property
- Rock Band - Too many hands in the cookie jar
- Wii - Can it handle M-rated titles

Analyst Jesse Divnich comments on sales:

"The prediction market expects November's software sales to be $1.15 billion which is a 42% increase over sales last year... [Software Sales] will be the highest ever seen in the month of November and the first time November sales will break $1 billion... Combining The NPD Group's estimates in October, retailers will net over $4.04 billion in software sales this holiday quarter, a 39% increase year-over-year-a record as well. "

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kultofcows3941d ago

It will be interesting to see how Rock Band ends up selling for November as the forecasts have been all over the place. The article discusses how differing statements from Rock Band's makers have lead to volatile and differing expectations for the game.

Jim Cramer is betting Rock Band will outsell Guitar Hero 3!

Raider20003941d ago

Jim Cramer is a great guy and you can't doubt his achievements as an investor but gaming is different--GHIII is going to out sell Rock Band.