Xbox 360 Could Get 32nm Chips By Late 2009

IBM made a major announcement today that they will be offering 32nm chips to their partners in the second half of 2009. This would mean that, yes, the Xbox 360 could get even smaller chips than the 65nm "Falcon" CPUs..or the rumored 45nm upgrade. We're talking power savings of 45% and speed boosts of 30% over IBM's last generation of's flat-out better technology that will reduce the propensity of overheating drastically, and maybe even make way for a smaller console.

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Hydrollex3940d ago

Late 2009 = 2010 ? Make Xbox 720 yo dumb Microsoft lol wth ? seriously ?

TANOD3940d ago

IBM made CELL.

If XENON is reduced to 32nm then so would be the CELL

The title of KOTAKU S*** balls

toughNAME3940d ago

together, you two make Stephen Hawking look average

Bladestar3940d ago

Keyword: Price drop... lol... you are just mad because you know Sony will not be able to get microsoft foot off their @$$ this entire console generation.

jaja14343940d ago

Maybe because I'm a math minor or because I just happen to like theoretical physics but toughNAME that made me laugh so very hearty. Thank you for that my friend.

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name3940d ago

Isn't that a little late? The next Xbox is expected to arrive in 2010 isn't it?

Eclipticus3940d ago

where did you hear its coming out in 2010???
thats only five years.. i was under the assumption it would be more like 2011/2012...

ps43940d ago

the next xbox comming out in 2010 sweet

i want the next few years of my xbox 360 to be good ones make them good very good. good games and good add ons

greenenvy3940d ago

I can't wait to get this, the new re-design is going to nearly eliminate RROD..... year, RROD free falcon 360 drops & I hope they one up it...they should release it everywhere in the world, right by the time the new model 360 comes in 2009..

FTW!!!!!!!!!! I'm definitely getting me one of these! one for halo, one for warhound.... >D

fresco3940d ago

32nm for the cell as well.

Although the next xbox will closing in on its release around that time i can see MS doing what sony did with ps2, releasing a slimmed down version.

Still, its hard to imagine a slim xbox that omits very little heat lol

Eclipticus3940d ago

yeah i can see this release a slim360, and not worry about Backward compat with the third xbox.

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The story is too old to be commented.