Sales of consoles in Spain: PlayStation 3 dominates over Wii, and double Xbox 360 sales

Note the original story is on the spanish web HardGame2. This story has been translated by Google translator pages.

"At the moment the situation in Spain in terms of sales of new generation of consoles is as follows (rounded): PlayStation 3 has exceeded 400,000 units, taking advantage regarding Wii at 50,000 units, as this is less than 360,000 units sold. Xbox 360 is little more than 219,000 units sold, which puts a considerable way towards their competitors, but by improving the first Xbox.

It is seen that the model of 40 Gb. launched by Sony has wreaked havoc after reducing its retail price and launch titles as Uncharted or companies with special packs (see EA) and supermarkets (Carrefour)."

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TANOD3907d ago

Hopefully ps3 will cross the 500k barrier in Spain this XMAS

whateva3907d ago

I think I seen that name before.

LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL3907d ago

Thats gonna win the war!

Here are some people playing the ps3 in spain:

ruibing3907d ago

Dude, you're going to really offend someone, especially at work, with that shock site.

DRUDOG3906d ago

We're talking about Spain, Spain. No offense to Spain, Spaniards or even Mediterraneans, but we're talking about Spain. Putting this into perspective: This is somewhat the equivalent of saying PS3s outsell Wiis in California. So what? Do we start counting sales by state? Cause Cali is way bigger than Spain (size & population). Let's see the overall numbers for the EU, please. Don't get me wrong, it's good news for PS3, but it's really not that relevant in the end.

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Hydrollex3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Microsoft = Pain in Spain

EDIT: Don't worry friend PS3 will dominate UK in 2008.

TANOD3907d ago

PS3 is dominating EU except UK

in most of EU ps3 is the no1 selling console followed by wii.

in UK however ps3 is running neck and neck with x360. Uk is the only EU country where x360 is doing decent but not amazing

Tommie3907d ago

But Nintendo Wii is easily #1 selling console in EU, followed by PS3. The only countries PS3 is dominating are Spain and Italy. For the rest, Wii is dominating all three consoles. Xbox 360 is even selling better in UK and Australia than PS3.

TANOD3907d ago

did u even see that

PS3 156 000
x360 104 000

not even close

Those are vgcharts estimates which lower ps3 sales usually.

expect PS3 sales to be even higher this week in EU and the ps3-x360 sales differences to be much higher than last week too

PS3 outsells x360 all over the world except NA and to some extent Uk(neck and neck)

Apocwhen3907d ago

tanod, your above post style screams nasim/shmee

travelguy2k3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

I live in Mexico and although its not south america, it is latin america which is what i think you were referring to. If the Ps3 was $699 for the 40 gig in the US how well do you think it would sell? Because that is how much it costs here... also remember the avg. wage here is about $400 usd per month working a 45 hour week. So, keep wont get any sympathy from me.

P.S. I make considerably more than avg. and have 13 PS3 games (when UT3 and HL2 arrive), so i am doing my part to get the most enjoyment from my console. How about you?

Baba19063907d ago

lol apoc i was thinking the same thing.

pwnsause3907d ago

No one cares about the wii. No More Heroes came out in Japan and no one brought it, cause the majority of the people that play on the wii are casuals. Developers are Dumbfounded right now with the wii since they dont know what to do with it. Every time a 3rd party game is made on the wii, it doesnt sell.

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TANOD3907d ago

but amazing in EU and also very well in Japan


TANOD3907d ago

a good ps3 news without resistance. surely xbots have become good nowadays

razer3907d ago

another PS3 assh0le... You will feel right at home here.

HarryEtTubMan3907d ago

WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM>? If you don't like the PS3, Don't like it's fans, and don't like thinking about how bad its gonna destroy everything about your console of choice....than GET OUT! You don't make come into PS3 threads saying how "here's another PS3 fanboy" What dod u expect? We aren't in 360 threads becasue WE DON'T CARE ABOUT THE 360.

NeoBasch3907d ago

Hey, TANOD, you should change your avatar to the one you use at NeoGAF. But yes, we need Resistance 2 info now.

vgn243907d ago

No matter what language this is in, my PS3 is collecting dust until MGS4 hits. Or maybe home. Maybe something. Please God give me something worth playing, lol.

games4fun3907d ago

uncharted, warhawk, ratchet and clank because obviously you dont have those games if your ps3 is collecting dust oh and if you have a credit card i heard that tekken online is great.

lilwingman3907d ago

If nothing up until now has given you a reason to play your PS3, than you've bought the wrong system.

sonarus3907d ago

wat kinda games do you like to play? unless you buy all your multiplatforms for 360 you still have uncharted, warhawk, ratchet and clank and coming out tomorrow is UT3 it really depends on what kinda games you like to play. I mostly play warhawk, tekken 5 online and ncaa but warhawk will prpobably get benched for a while for UT3

Maddens Raiders3907d ago

reading your comment and then looking at your avatar just made your comment the most ignorant in N4G history. Way to go!

Bubble Buddy3907d ago

My 360 is collecting dust too while im playing ps3 games... see how hard it is to make up a fake story. I'm a millionaire too guys. I'm Chuck Norris. end sarcasm

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