GTA 5: A Perfect 10

NowGamer gets speculative in the first of its entries to a series titled 'A Perfect 10' as it looks at GTA 5, and the elements that help make it earn the elusive 10/10.

"GTA 5 is likely to push the entertainment medium of games to new levels, bring new, previously untested ideas to the table, challenge issues of morality, set a benchmark in scripting and characterisation and much, much more.

Here we look at the features that may propel GTA 5 to the realm of 10/10 scores across the board, and GOTY nominations later in the year, based on Rockstar's legacy so far..."

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Feckles2027d ago

If there's any game this year that'll set a new benchmark, it'll be this.

fastrez2027d ago

No game is perfect surely?

That said, this is going to be one hell of a game.

Rage_S902027d ago

The game isn't even out yet, smh.

TimmyShire2027d ago

I think the point is to look at whether or not GTA 5 has the potential to score 10/10 when it is released, based on what is already known.

Urrakia342027d ago

Why are you doubting GTA? These games always set new standards for open-world and GTA V will be no different, you just wait and see.

d0nni32027d ago

I'm trying not to expect too much from this! My expectations of GTAIV were too high and it could never have lived up to it and didn't in the end.

I have faith in Rockstar to breathe a bit of life back into the franchise and it looks great so far

Ezio20482027d ago

agree mate.

i know i am mouthing big words...but i fully trust Rockstar to deliver the BEST possible game yet!

skyward2027d ago

Think about the jump between GTAIII and San Andreas - this will be the same between GTAIV and V. It won't please everbody - but there'll be so much to do it won't matter!

Detoxx2027d ago

Man, consider me happy if its at least as good as San Andreas, that game was a BEAST..

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