Is The Sexy Soul Calibur V Poster Great Marketing Or Poor A Excuse To Show The Female Anatomy?

Some of you may have already seen Namco's new poster of Soul Calibur V showing nothing about the game but Ivy's huge breasts. Is this type of marketing pure genius or is it damaging the video game industry's image from the public eye?

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2296d ago

Both... I mean shameless as it is.... it works.

NAGNEWS2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

soon n4g will turn into something else

^10 ways to have sex while gaming^

edit: just saying

nolifeking2296d ago

OH MY GOD!!! Why is everyone acting so brand new? Or rather, why are breast, big beautiful breast such a big deal. Taki has been there from the beginning and she had a skin tight suit with glorious knockers and no one batted an eye. Now suddenly tig ol bitties are a problem. In case no one has realized some women have large funbags. Deal with it.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Point = missed.

This is a fighting game. When advertising a fighting game it is sensible to showcase the fighting. So why are Ivy's breasts the centerfold of the ad?


"It's a fighting game with buxom women in it. Why not use that as a selling point?"

That comment makes no sense at all. The game is not about her boobs so they shouldn't be used as the centerfold of an ad. They only do this for the young teenage demographic who are over fascinated by women's breasts. By now stuff like this doesn't surprise me. But soul calibur doesn't need this kind of advertising to get sales.

nolifeking2296d ago

It's a fighting game with buxom women in it. Why not use that as a selling point? Did anyone see the trailer with Nightmare and Siegfried? How about the announcement trailer? Point missed, please. There is no point, like it or not, tits are in the game and Ivy has always been my main, so I'm loving it.

nolifeking2296d ago

Just in case you didn't know even grown men love boobies. Plus you and I both know what SC is so a little cleavage shouldn't blind us to the fact that it's a great fighting game.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2296d ago


Again that is beside the point. The focus of advertising should be the merit of the product being sold. This is true for ANY product. The merit of Soul Calibur is not Ivy's breasts. This ad just depends on the tried and true "sex sells" theme to get sales and it doesn't need to. When you're young this kinda thing appeals to you. When you're my age and you realize how lame and over-used it is, it just becomes annoying. I don't hate breasts in the least bit. But using them just to gain your product some attention is dumb. Though, I guess if teenagers weren't dumb there wouldn't be a need for stuff like this.

-EvoAnubis-2296d ago

"Plus you and I both know what SC is so a little cleavage shouldn't blind us to the fact that it's a great fighting game."

You just nailed the problem with this ad right there. Soul Calibur fans (you and I), of course, know that Sc is a great fighting game. The issue is, we're the only ones that know that. Imagine someone fairly new to fighting games, or, if you will, the SC series in particular. What exactly about this ad would tell them that it's a fighting game?

VonAlbrecht2296d ago

You people talk about the actual content of the game as if people give a fuck about fighting games anymore. Namco KNOWS this, and they are simply reaching out to a large demographic. Sue them.

That being said, I'm buying this game day one. But I'm also a graphic designer and I've studied marketing, and what they're doing isn't "dumb" at all. If it grabbed your attention, it worked. Plain and simple. Low blow, maybe? So what.

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Parapraxis2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

These boobs look fake, and that is fail.
Never found Ivy "hot", thought the other girls with natural features are much nicer looking in the game.

How do you think Uncharted would have gone over if Chloe or Elana had over-sized breasts? It would have been a huge issue.

That being said, one can't be too hard on the devs when the people buying the games have made it clear who their favorite characters are, and Ivy is an internet legend.

Some games are just a classier I guess. Fighting games don't take themselves seriously, clearly.
That's not a bad thing.
People "shocked" by this advert haven't been playing fighters for long enough.

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