Rock Band characters are the new Miis

Destructoid writes:

"When the Wii debuted a year ago, Nintendo put an entirely new demographic of gamers' undergarments in a twist over the simple yet extremely customizable Miis. The Miis were revolutionary to this extent, providing a basic and easy to use interface to creatively explore limitless avatar construction. What followed of course was an onslaught of personalized Miis made to mirror everyone from the entire cast of The Big Lebowski to your mom. Machinima was made, celebrities were caricatured, and your mom wept in utter confusion given the misplaced nature of her Nintendo identity.

But come on, that trend was soooo last 2006. Out with the Mii, in with the Rock Band avatar. Thanks to Harmonix, always keeping one step ahead of the rhythm game nation, the colorful and rock star savvy character creator allots a huge range of creative options within the proper Rock Band scope. For inspiration, check out my good mate Onionania's band Ace Attorney and the At Laws with Phoenix on the guitar, or some of the other fancy user creations found in the Harmonix community forums."

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