TIME Announces Top Ten Video Games of 2007

Kotaku: TIME has posted their top ten video games of 2007 for all to see. And because they're TIME, we'll write about it. We're not sure if we agree that their #1 pick Halo 3 is "the perfect hardcore first-person combat simulator" that has been perfected like "a pebble that has been rounded over the centuries by the gentle splashing of the ocean waves," but we certainly appreciate the poetic diction. The list has all your big players, but no love for COD4. Here's their top ten in full:

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Hydrollex3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Joke !

Ace Combat 6 when Uncharted is sitting on my heart ? LOL

toughNAME3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )


I mean really...this is one of the stupidest comments I've ever seen on this site

"Spanish people are smart ( Talking about spain, not mentioning on South America )
Good Job Spain !

Microsoft : Pain in Spain "

Incredible...down to one bubble within a month is my guess

How have you avoided my ignore list? ah well no time like the present

GaMr-3722d ago

What are you babbling about. Halo 3 @ #1 is a fookin joke mate. COD 4 Trounced Halo in every category except hype and "sheep purchases". Ace Combat...come the hell on. No Uncharted up their...No Ratchet and Clank....and your gunna tell me that list doesnt look a little suspect to you. Your more full of it than you sound.

Hydro Lex I feel you bro. That list is shadyville entertainment all the way....then again its from the time..Same people who said Xbox360 was powered by the Cell processor. Show's their game knowledge now doesnt it.

Bubble Buddy3722d ago

so how much did Microsoft pay you?

C_SoL3722d ago

The Underdog(PS3)always comes up....after being neglected & beaten. That dog will rise to the top....

BrianC62343722d ago

What a horrible list. But since when does TIME know anything about games?

3722d ago
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toughNAME3722d ago

were 360 exclusive or 360 timed-exclusive

I am very happy with my 2 year old $500 purchase :D

Also, TIME might not be the gaming experts, but they do have a massive circulation and double the credibility

Hydrollex3722d ago

LOL joke ? Not it's real

gunnerforlife3722d ago

god of war 2 wins it for me XD

Megaton3722d ago

Same here. The fact that TIME thinks Ace Combat 6 is a better all around game than God of War II made me throw up a little in my mouth.

This is the kinda list I was expecting from the SpikeTV VGA's.

Maddens Raiders3722d ago

"TIME" and Halo go hand in hand. Both enjoy a cult like following from a finite group of people while melting away to bigger and better competition. And surely both are blinded by their own self-appointed *importance. I can see TIMES editors playing the game in their offices right now as I type, exclaiming to the heavens how good the graphics are and how it makes everything else look like Wii. Makes perfect sense to me Hydro.

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