An ASUS gaming laptop nightmare

Icrontic writes:

'This is the story of one man’s dream of owning a working laptop and one company’s never-ending quest to crush that dream.'

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Megaman_nerd2534d ago

I bought an Asus U35JC in October 2010 and around July of 2011 it stopped working so I sent it for repairs since it still was within warranty. Well, the thing is that when I receive the laptop the screen was broken, it was missing a lot of screws and the edges were sticking out. The laptop looked like if I found it in the garbage.

I contact them and sent them photos and the laptop back. They said that the laptop was like that when they first got it but it was obvious that they opened it up... At the end of the day I lost my money and that was it. Like 80 bucks wasted on shipping and handling and $800 for the laptop. =/

Asus products are good but when it comes to customer service they just suck.

hellvaguy2534d ago

I've had 4 asus gaming laptops that Ive purchased from I owned each one of them for 1-2 years now and I havent had a problem yet so I cant comment on the customer service. However, Im very happy with the quality, design (Im rocking the G73), and price of them.

raytraceme2534d ago

Check out msi gaming laptops. They are just as good as the Asus ones but come with better warranty and support. I still like Asus no doubt about it. Both Asus and msi make the best and most economically priced gaming laptops unlike that overpriced hunk of junk alien ware and the future to be razer.

kevnb2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

alienware make good stuff at reasonable prices and have good support. The 5850m in the m15x can actually outpace a 5870m in other laptops because of the cooling and motherboard used. Heck at this point some of the alienware desktops are cheaper than building the same setup. I know alienware used to be really expensive, but they always made good stuff. Now that there is competition the prices have come way down.

Now razer, well I dont think what they are making is overpriced... but does anyone really want it?

hellvaguy2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

I had several problem with my alienware 15x that were fixed at with top notch service but still.... their were several. Heck they even sent a tech out 3 times to my house and I didnt even have to mail it.

Id prolly give MSI a try in the near future, but I love the cooling platform the asus G73 and G74 sits on with the dual fans and rubber/matte finishes. Very durable.

Tsuru2533d ago

I work for a small computer business in my hometown and we deal with asus products all the time. Motherboards, video cards, monitors, etc. And we have had some bad customer service here and there. But 90% of the time its been quick and painless.

Don't base your review of a company based on 1 person's bad customer service. Personally after the 2nd RMA you should of requested a brand new laptop all together.