A.V. Club: The Adventures Of Tintin Review

A.V. Club: As a rule, it isn’t bad to kick off a game by playing a dog, but it all depends on what the dog’s doing. The Adventures Of Tintin, a game based on the Steven Spielberg/Peter Jackson movie version of Hergé’s classic comic series, opens with players in the role of Tintin’s fox terrier Snowy rather than the eponymous cowlick-rocking Belgian reporter. Snowy has had some adventures over the last 82 years of Tintin; controlling him could be cool. Not here. As the jaunty soundtrack Django Reinhardts away, your time with Snowy captures some of Tintin’s stylistic pleasure, but lacks any of the inciting thrill of his comic searches. This is no thrilling chase, nor is it keen in-game detective work. You merely squeeze a trigger, and at a grating pace, snuffle around looking for vague footprints. This blend of charm and frustration is the central ingredient in Tintin, obscuring what could have been a great game.

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