What constitutes a MW3 ban?

Robert Bowling, Community Manager from IW, has released information advising gamers what constitutes a ban from Modern Warfare 3. They include punishments for boosting, cheating, hacking, glitching, offensive behaviour and having an offensive gamertag.

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hiredhelp2417d ago

Making another cod with same old. Sorry shouldnt kept shut Doh!

SnakeCQC2417d ago

erm people taking advantage of exploits left by devs are being punished just so devs save face and can stand by a mess of a game and not patch anything lol iw are pathetic and that bowling guy is a douche

dvfaa2417d ago

That's the dumbest argument for giving yourself an unfair advantage i've ever seen.

and you do realize that as far as i know they've patched all exploits right?

JeffGUNZ2417d ago

Come on Erudito. That's like justifying stabbing someone with a kitchen knife. The purpose of the kitchen knife is to prepare food and that is how the developer of the knife intended it to be used. Since you can exploit its use and use it as a weapon, doesn't justify stabbing someone. The game is not meant to be played by spawn trapping, boosting, or hacking. Anyone who tries to justify it is a moron.

SnakeCQC2417d ago

comparing a stabbiing to taking advantage of an exploit? Most games have a beta and they iron out bugs and exploits but not IW; the crappy spawn point screw up counts as an exploit. A prime example of something that they SHOULD have caught during a beta, if they ran any. Seeing this game has modified code of mw1, which was released like what 5 years ago. The game should be pretty perfect but they are blaming dumb kids who find them rather than fix them its lazy which is what IW are now known for.

JeffGUNZ2417d ago

With the amount of people playing this game online, it's expected that someone will find something wrong. COD fans don't want any of the core mechanics changed, that's what makes them like it. All the coding and whatnot doesn't really matter because when you change the factors, like new maps, new weapons, new perks, etc, the code needs to be tweaked to fit the new changes. A majority of the tweaks were made and post release is when you need to address others that slipped through the cracks. I can't hate on IW, they have been working their ass off on patching this game from community responses.

SnakeCQC2417d ago

i give up IW are perfect each release and its mark up price along with extortionate dlc prices are well warranted even after all that graphics are still crap

JeffGUNZ2417d ago

@ Erudito87

Give it up. No one said they are perfect, but please show me ANY developer who releases a perfect game? Mark up on price? Cod4 was 59.99, so was MW2 and so was MW3. I know, I bought them. DLC, really? That's how stale your argument got? DLc is optional and MW3 actually released with about 16 maps, 16! Thats more then most MP games nowadays. Also, all the DLC is optional and you don't have to purchase it if you don't want to.

So your gripe is graphics? Really? So if they made a MW4 is better graphics you'd suddenly like it? Get real. Graphics don't make a game fun, the fun-factor is the important aspect. COD looks good for a game this generation running at 60fps.

The COD haters on this site continue to spew the same few lines with no real claim to back it up. How many developers release patches this fast addressing issues the community want addressed? Sure, you might not like activision, but IW is doing a great job at supporting their product. They could patch it and you talk shit or they could ignore it and you'd still bash it.

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Mikeyy2417d ago

What Rubbish. First of all you didnt accidently "discover" these "glitches" you abuse day to day.

You saw somebody else use them, to gain an unfair advantage, then you hit up Google to find out how to do it yourself.

99% of the glitchers know they are cheating, and thus deserve the ban, deal with it.

flyinrhyno2417d ago

not the easiest thing to read and understand, I just wish that after reporting someone you get to see if some type of action was taken against them.

SuperSaiyan42417d ago

(Title ammended)

Basically for releasing the same crap but worse each time and slapping a new name to an existing game but just swapping things around.