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RIP Playstation Vita Sony Never Learns From Their Mistakes

We have all seen the news stories. The Vita is not doing so well in Japan. The 3DS has outsold it every week now, and Sony hasn’t really said much. There were even rumors that the 3G model of the Vita would be canceled for North America. All of this begs the question, is the Vita doomed before it even launches in North America. (PS Vita)

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TurretKiller  +   1376d ago

Yes they do

Good price
Launch games
Developer friendly

basicaly all the complaints about the PS3 they fixed for the PSV.

Saying they don't learn is just obvious trolling
GraveLord  +   1376d ago
The media loves bashing Sony. They can never do anything right.
Dante112  +   1376d ago
Lol, Doomed article no. 4012. When will it end?

Edit: Even Mezzo recognizes this bs.
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Intentions  +   1376d ago
Correction. The media loves bashing gaming in general.
specialguest  +   1376d ago
Here we go again...

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BluEx610  +   1376d ago
Lots of articles saying Vita is already doomed.... It's not even out worldwide yet. It's like saying Wii U is doomed b4 it even launches. I personally think PSV will do well overall. Maybe not right away, but once people see what kind of games it supports, like Call of Duty, UC, MvsC3 ETC, it'll sell like hot cakes. What are hot cakes anyways??
BattleAxe  +   1376d ago
I can see the 3G models being scrapped for the Vita in North America since the data plans in the U.S. are complete crap, and they're bound to be far worse in Canada since we get ripped off all the time with this stuff. Other than that, I think the Vita will do reasonably well.
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Mr_Bun  +   1376d ago
Wait...so the article is bitching about the Vita having portable versions of the top PS3 games??? I didn't realize that Sony was only allowed to put their top franchises on the PS3

Lame article is lame
Solid_Snake37  +   1376d ago
Oh god.... Why do they insist on saying Vita is dead? IT HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED IN THE WEST! How do they know it failed? Wow, can i borrow their time machine?
superadvanced  +   1375d ago
well the psp launched at 250 while ps2 was no more than 200 dollars maybe even 150. and the psp is the best selling non nintendo handheld of all time. 250 dollars back then is 290 of todays dollars because of inflation. vita is actually really cheap
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Kthalas  +   1375d ago
@ superadvanced
" well the psp launched at 250 while ps2 was no more than 200 dollars maybe even 150. and the psp is the best selling non nintendo handheld of all time. 250 dollars back then is 290 of todays dollars because of inflation. vita is actually really cheap "

Actually the PS2 launched at $299 not $200. $250 in 2000 is worth $328 in today's money. By comparison $250 in today's money is worth $190 in 2000 prices. So the Vita would be cheaper in today's prices versus the PS2's prices 12 years ago. You are right about it being cheaper :)
superadvanced  +   1372d ago
in 2005 the ps2 was 200 dollars or less. im not taling about the launch of the ps2.
PshycoNinja  +   1376d ago
And. Here. We.... Go.
Rainstorm81  +   1376d ago
xPhearR3dx  +   1376d ago
This portable system cost half, if not over half, of what the original PS3 launched at. I wouldn't call that a "good" price. People can say "Well, the technology put into it is worth it". That doesn't matter to the average consumer. The $$$$ matter.

Once the PS3 dropped in price, many people went out and bought one. Same thing is going to happen to the Vita. It's going to sell like crap until they lower the price. Hell, for $300 you could get a damn PS3 and a game.


Where your product receives the most success in terms of sales (Being Japan). Yes. Less than 200,000 a week is crap. Had that been American sales, I wouldn't be surprised.
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Dante112  +   1376d ago
Close to half a million Vita's sold in a little over 2 weeks in one nation is selling like crap?

Edit: @ dark

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rexbolt  +   1376d ago
i never bought a hot cake b4 XD and well vita sold 42,00 this week that amazeing lol XD HAHA
Soldierone  +   1376d ago
Just curious where you can buy a new PS3 and a game for 300 dollars....
xPhearR3dx  +   1376d ago

Anywhere dude. The PS3 is only $249.99, slap on the Metal Gear Solid Collection and you're looking at $300.
Hicken  +   1376d ago
Dude, be real.

New handhelds sell at how much at launch? I want you to go back and look at every iteration of DS, and every iteration of PSP, and tell me what the launch price was.

Then I want you to tell the prices of consoles at that same time. Nevermind launch, where you argument makes exactly NO sense; just tell me what console prices were when each handheld iteration dropped.

THEN I want you to look at the value of each of them, relative to their price, and compare it to the value of the consoles at their prices at the time.

THEN I want you to explain to me why so few people were saying this for the various DS systems, especially the 3DS.

THEN I want you to explain to me how, if it weren't until the PS3 dropped in price that people started buying it, it managed to outsell the 360 nearly every year since its launch.
dark-hollow  +   1376d ago
its not even out worldwide yet!!!!!

I wont even call those idiots "journalists"
Another no name site feeds on trolling n4g like parasites!
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TruthSeeker  +   1376d ago
Um last time i checked it hasnt even launched worldwide yet... so its a bit premature to say its already dead. No name website tryin to get #hits
4logpc  +   1376d ago

Hotcakes are microwaveable pancakes you get from mcdonalds...if you ever wanna call in sick go for it
Trunkz Jr   1376d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
farhad2k8  +   1375d ago
Wait until the Western release.
All it needs is CoD and FIFA, and then the creators of this article will be eating their own words.
Battlefield may even make its way on to it.
-Mezzo-  +   1376d ago
RIP "Journalism", So Called "Journalists" Never Learns From Thier Mistakes
PS3 = Will Die
Nintendo Wii = Will Die
3DS = Will Die
PSP = Will Die

An now

PS Vita = Will Die.


The only thing that's dying is "Video Game Journalism", due to some 'Journalist's Doing 'Journalism' from their Mom's Basement.
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TheHater  +   1376d ago
Missed the good old days of Nintendo Power. You know, actual video game journalist giving the inside scoops on games and secrets within games.
LettingGo  +   1376d ago
Totally agree! The same goes for the old PSM.

enkeixpress  +   1376d ago
blah blah blah blah... blah.. blah blah.. =/

I personally think the PS Vita is going to do pretty well in sales.. in both the US & UK. Lots of "PS3 exclusive" type of titles like Uncharted & Killzone will make sure of that.

And let's not forget the almighty Call of Duty.. Going to be a HUGE system seller, for sure.
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D3mons0ul  +   1376d ago
Some day, people will just ignore articles like this and they'll stop writing them.
krontaar  +   1376d ago
hungry for hits
GenoZStriker  +   1376d ago
Gaming journalism at its best. But what do you expect?

Alexa Traffic Rank: 3,456,433
Traffic Rank in Country: No Data

This site is begging for hits.
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cervantes99  +   1376d ago
Everybody vote this site down so we never have to see it again on N4G
2pacalypsenow   1376d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
drifter86  +   1376d ago
You guys need to understand that the 3G version will not do good in Japan because everywhere you go there's free wi-fi. Nobody pays for 3G out there unless it's for a phone.
knifefight  +   1376d ago
English point for the headline: "learns" actually goes with "its," because "learns" is the singular form of the verb "to learn."

If you want to say "their mistakes" then you need to say "learn."

If you use "learns," then you need to say "its mistakes."

I hope this writer learns from his mistakes.
Silly gameAr  +   1376d ago
This is getting a bit ridiculous.
Pana  +   1376d ago
RIP good journalism. The PS2 was outselling the PS3 and PSP well into 2009. Vita is finished, because Western Critics don't know how Japanese sales works.
joab777  +   1376d ago
There was one way to make this successful; well two actually. First though is to recognize ur competition. When u launch a portable device of this size for this price u have to realize what it is that ppl are going to make comparisons to before they make a purchase. In this case it is the tablet market. If a gamer has a choice they most likely will chose an iPad or something similar because of the number of things it can do. And it has games. But if Sony created a portable machine that ran an adapted android operating system with access to its market and was able to offer the advantages of a tablet while also offering what it already has, it could probably ask more and sell more. The one good great thing that they did do is link it to the psn account and offer trophies. This in itself is mandatory. But in a time in which ppl don't have a lot of money but owning a smart phone and a tablet are almost a necessity, the vita becomes a luxury many cannot afford. Also, the number of triple a games has left many wallets empty as well as lack of time to play them, offering more great games isn't as luring as it may have been even a year ago. But, in a media frenzy world we look at success in an immediate nature. Many products today may sell well but not on day 1.
bobrea  +   1376d ago
Shit like this needs to be eliminated from this site so bad.
kuro2010  +   1376d ago
Shutup already "Video Game Journalism"... next pls
crinale  +   1376d ago
Another nameless site posting doom and gloom article to get hits? How lame :P
fishy1   1376d ago | Immature | show
smashcrashbash  +   1376d ago
Yawn. Again ,like I mentioned in every VITA is doomed article, is how every PlayStation system launched. Good the first week, second week slumped and it only got better from there. Just about every PlayStation system launched with 'its doomed' articles with a ton of people trying to prove it with 'proof' that usually fizzled out when sales increased. Forbes even said the PS1 was 'doomed' until it sold 100 million units.

It's not that the VITA CAN'T fail at all but it is too soon to say so. Sony sold just about most of the VITA's they shipped and haven't even shipped any more yet or gone worldwide. So I know a lot of people can't wait to see it fail and are elated but keep it in your pants until it does okay?

@ -Mezzo- Don't forget PS1 will die, Move will die, Bluray will die
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rexbolt   1376d ago | Trolling | show
TABSF  +   1376d ago
I agree

The games are too expensive.
The console is too expensive.
Its lacking features, such as a phoning ability.

To be honest I would not buy one unless it was cheaper than £150/$230 and the games was £20/$30 each.

Finally add support for smartphone games like Cut the Rope.
Soldierone  +   1376d ago
If you want to play shovelware games like cut the rope then go buy a "gaming" phone and call it a day. Sony isn't selling the Vita to you, they are selling it to gamers.
TABSF  +   1376d ago
"selling it to gamers", Nintendo is selling the 3DS to gamers to but the market is not responding even with a price drop!!!

I would play portable games like Uncharted but they aren't games I like to play on the go, but rather at home.

Like I said in a message "Nothing worse than pausing a game during a cutscene when getting off the Bus, worse still when you can't pause the cutscene ruining the game."

Also why would I play PSV games at home on a 5" screen when I can play other games on a 23" screen in 3D, its just pointless.
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knifefight  +   1376d ago

You can pause during cutscenes in any Vita game. You just press the PS button and it pauses anything, anytime, without losing anything :)
tarbis  +   1376d ago
If you want to play shovelware games go buy a $700 tablet that has no buttons and directional pad.
Soldierone  +   1376d ago
Another kid with internet access that is degrading gaming journalism on a whole....Thanks buddy for ruining the integrity for all of us REAL game journalists.
AMD_CROSSFIRE_FTW  +   1376d ago
The day we will hear doom articles about an Apple or Microsoft product, cows will fly & all birds shall die.
tarbis  +   1376d ago
That's the day the great U.S. of A dies.
MasterCornholio  +   1376d ago
I am getting tired of all these doom articles. When will we get an article that announces a new exclusive for the Vita or an App or maybe even a new feature?
GodHandDee  +   1376d ago
how do these articles get approved?
MasterCornholio  +   1376d ago
By Nintendo fanboys. Because any sane gamer or Sony fanboy would never approve such an article.

What comes around goes around. So in the future Nintendo fanboys will get what they deserve just like Sony fanboys got theirs for bashing the 3DS.

Dont say i didn't warn them because i did many times but they wont listen to me.
GodHandDee  +   1376d ago
see that's the sad thing. This stupid cycle never ends. I have a strong feeling the WiiU is not gonna be as successful as the nintendo fans might like to think, at least not in the beginning. The doom train never ends I suppose
Game3s  +   1376d ago
Maybe a sony fanboy approved it so you can bring down the site for saying rip psv.
knifefight  +   1376d ago
Re: "how do these articles get approved? "
Like this:
Pozzle (3) | 5h ago
xPhearR3dx (2) | 5h ago
GamingForever (1) | 5h ago
n4gboy (4) | 5h ago
jneul  +   1376d ago
ok lets look at the sales so far - 500k shipped that means(sorry for outting down to whole numbers)
week 1 320k
week 2 70k
week 3 50k
left over stock = 60k that is all across japan don't forget, so to be realistic vita is actually doing very well compared to psp on release, which may i add is still living!!
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Buzz7S  +   1376d ago
Note to all - do not ever, EVER, say anything slightly negative about Sony. Even if true, Sony duds will come along and praise its work, obviously disregarding the flaws.
GodHandDee  +   1376d ago
or sane people might look at all sides to a problem and at the same time point out why articles like these are obvious click seekers without any genuine content but only some doom and gloom rants
Buzz7S  +   1376d ago
Has the majority of those disagreeing even seen a PS Vita with their own eyes? I doubt it. Can't even imagine how many have even touched one.

How does one pass judgement, when they do not know anything about the product?

The PS Vita was OUTSOLD by the PSP. That's quite embarrassing if you ask me.
tiffac008  +   1375d ago
Its actually common sense.
The PSP should outsell the Vita, its an older platform with a huge library which is priced lower than the brand new hardware with almost no library to speak of yet.

So if you ask me, there's nothing to be embarrass about. Its like telling a rookie, go beat the best player on the other team. lol!

Lets all wait for the western release and then wait a little more on how the PS Vita does in the following weeks after that.

My predictions is if the PS Vita does not sell 100k a week worldwide then it will have problems but if it consistently meet 100k weekly sales worldwide without price cuts and before the holiday season of 2012, then its making money.
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THC CELL  +   1376d ago
Why is this approved
Razongunz  +   1376d ago
go on silly gaming journalists..write all the crap u want..i won't change my mind..i'm getting the vita wether you like it or not!

and..uncharted extreamly overpriced?.. overpriced is enough xD--its only 50 dollars..its worth it.. all big shot pc and ps3 games are 50 dollars..ppl don't scream extreamly overpriced on those platforms... :P
resistance100  +   1376d ago
SolidGear3  +   1376d ago
Calm down folks. All we're doing by commenting is letting this idiotic journalist get the hits he wants. Now for being a hypocrite, I will take my life by impaling myself with a Move wand.
DJMarty  +   1376d ago
4logpc.com = WTF, another unkown site that hasn't got a fuckin clue.

Don't give this shit site hits.
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