RIP Playstation Vita Sony Never Learns From Their Mistakes

We have all seen the news stories. The Vita is not doing so well in Japan. The 3DS has outsold it every week now, and Sony hasn’t really said much. There were even rumors that the 3G model of the Vita would be canceled for North America. All of this begs the question, is the Vita doomed before it even launches in North America.

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TurretKiller2296d ago


Yes they do

Good price
Launch games
Developer friendly

basicaly all the complaints about the PS3 they fixed for the PSV.

Saying they don't learn is just obvious trolling

GraveLord2296d ago

The media loves bashing Sony. They can never do anything right.

Dante1122296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Lol, Doomed article no. 4012. When will it end?

Edit: Even Mezzo recognizes this bs.

Intentions2296d ago

Correction. The media loves bashing gaming in general.

2296d ago
BluEx6102296d ago

Lots of articles saying Vita is already doomed.... It's not even out worldwide yet. It's like saying Wii U is doomed b4 it even launches. I personally think PSV will do well overall. Maybe not right away, but once people see what kind of games it supports, like Call of Duty, UC, MvsC3 ETC, it'll sell like hot cakes. What are hot cakes anyways??

BattleAxe2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

I can see the 3G models being scrapped for the Vita in North America since the data plans in the U.S. are complete crap, and they're bound to be far worse in Canada since we get ripped off all the time with this stuff. Other than that, I think the Vita will do reasonably well.

Mr_Bun2295d ago the article is bitching about the Vita having portable versions of the top PS3 games??? I didn't realize that Sony was only allowed to put their top franchises on the PS3

Lame article is lame

Solid_Snake372295d ago

Oh god.... Why do they insist on saying Vita is dead? IT HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED IN THE WEST! How do they know it failed? Wow, can i borrow their time machine?

superadvanced2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

well the psp launched at 250 while ps2 was no more than 200 dollars maybe even 150. and the psp is the best selling non nintendo handheld of all time. 250 dollars back then is 290 of todays dollars because of inflation. vita is actually really cheap

Kthalas2295d ago

@ superadvanced
" well the psp launched at 250 while ps2 was no more than 200 dollars maybe even 150. and the psp is the best selling non nintendo handheld of all time. 250 dollars back then is 290 of todays dollars because of inflation. vita is actually really cheap "

Actually the PS2 launched at $299 not $200. $250 in 2000 is worth $328 in today's money. By comparison $250 in today's money is worth $190 in 2000 prices. So the Vita would be cheaper in today's prices versus the PS2's prices 12 years ago. You are right about it being cheaper :)

superadvanced2292d ago

in 2005 the ps2 was 200 dollars or less. im not taling about the launch of the ps2.

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xPhearR3dx2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

This portable system cost half, if not over half, of what the original PS3 launched at. I wouldn't call that a "good" price. People can say "Well, the technology put into it is worth it". That doesn't matter to the average consumer. The $$$$ matter.

Once the PS3 dropped in price, many people went out and bought one. Same thing is going to happen to the Vita. It's going to sell like crap until they lower the price. Hell, for $300 you could get a damn PS3 and a game.


Where your product receives the most success in terms of sales (Being Japan). Yes. Less than 200,000 a week is crap. Had that been American sales, I wouldn't be surprised.

Dante1122296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Close to half a million Vita's sold in a little over 2 weeks in one nation is selling like crap?

Edit: @ dark


rexbolt2296d ago

i never bought a hot cake b4 XD and well vita sold 42,00 this week that amazeing lol XD HAHA

Soldierone2296d ago

Just curious where you can buy a new PS3 and a game for 300 dollars....

xPhearR3dx2296d ago


Anywhere dude. The PS3 is only $249.99, slap on the Metal Gear Solid Collection and you're looking at $300.

Hicken2296d ago

Dude, be real.

New handhelds sell at how much at launch? I want you to go back and look at every iteration of DS, and every iteration of PSP, and tell me what the launch price was.

Then I want you to tell the prices of consoles at that same time. Nevermind launch, where you argument makes exactly NO sense; just tell me what console prices were when each handheld iteration dropped.

THEN I want you to look at the value of each of them, relative to their price, and compare it to the value of the consoles at their prices at the time.

THEN I want you to explain to me why so few people were saying this for the various DS systems, especially the 3DS.

THEN I want you to explain to me how, if it weren't until the PS3 dropped in price that people started buying it, it managed to outsell the 360 nearly every year since its launch.

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dark-hollow2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

its not even out worldwide yet!!!!!

I wont even call those idiots "journalists"
Another no name site feeds on trolling n4g like parasites!

TruthSeeker2296d ago

Um last time i checked it hasnt even launched worldwide yet... so its a bit premature to say its already dead. No name website tryin to get #hits

4logpc2296d ago


Hotcakes are microwaveable pancakes you get from mcdonalds...if you ever wanna call in sick go for it

Trunkz Jr2296d ago ShowReplies(4)
farhad2k82295d ago

Wait until the Western release.
All it needs is CoD and FIFA, and then the creators of this article will be eating their own words.
Battlefield may even make its way on to it.

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-Mezzo-2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

PS3 = Will Die
Nintendo Wii = Will Die
3DS = Will Die
PSP = Will Die

An now

PS Vita = Will Die.


The only thing that's dying is "Video Game Journalism", due to some 'Journalist's Doing 'Journalism' from their Mom's Basement.

TheHater2296d ago

Missed the good old days of Nintendo Power. You know, actual video game journalist giving the inside scoops on games and secrets within games.

LettingGo2296d ago

Totally agree! The same goes for the old PSM.


MGRogue20172296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

blah blah blah blah... blah.. blah blah.. =/

I personally think the PS Vita is going to do pretty well in sales.. in both the US & UK. Lots of "PS3 exclusive" type of titles like Uncharted & Killzone will make sure of that.

And let's not forget the almighty Call of Duty.. Going to be a HUGE system seller, for sure.

D3mons0ul2296d ago

Some day, people will just ignore articles like this and they'll stop writing them.