Wii Tops Apple iPod in November Web Searches - comScore

Wii mania has been in full force this holiday season. According to a comScore report, Nintendo's console saw more interest online than even Apple's ubiquitous iPod.

The Wii in particular saw more than 30 million U.S. searches on the web, ahead of the iPod (24.8 million) and the Xbox 360 (11 million).

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Yo Mama3993d ago

Most average consumers are like sheep. You tell them something is really hot, in demand and hard to find & they will want it. Simple as that.

Kholinar3993d ago

Possibly true.

If so then I certainly see the connection between the popularity of wii/ipod bashing and sheepishness.

wiizy3992d ago

wii is whats hot and the best thing for gaming.. i like deep games. but i like to see my grandfather enjoying himself. he's been good to me.. only a fanboy would find something wrong with that