Too Late to Start Modern Warfare 3?

Since the game has been out for a couple months, is it too late for new players to try and pick up the online play? Better unlocks along with developed strategy make this harder for noobies to jump into than say Halo.

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ATi_Elite2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

can you brighten up the picture and maybe get some shots from a reverse angle.

....and yes i only clicked for the picture.....and you did too!

oh and never too late to play COD.

JBit922455d ago

it's very nice ;]

jjb19812453d ago

Use the giftcard for gears 3, horde mode knows isn't harsh on noobs like MW3 is...

JBit922453d ago

Completely forgot about Gears... definitely will need to pick that one up