Activision Blizzard executives will earn $40 million

Following the merger of the year between Activision and Vivendi Games, the CEO and co-chairman of the new super-publisher are expected to get a hefty payout -- $40 million.

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d3l33t3940d ago

uhh, taxes on 40 million is over 50%.... enjoy!

DiabloRising3940d ago

Anyone else upset that the 120 hour work week developer who makes the amazing games we play gets totally crapped on as far as pay. I KNOW MS didn't share those record Halo profits with the guys who actually busted their asses to make it.

Enjoy your $40 million, you really earned it...

INehalemEXI3940d ago

I hate how corporations work. I've witnessed co workers entire 401k savings wiped out when the company downsizes yet the ceo gets a huge bonus at the same time. Its ugly.

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