Eight Trendy Game Features That Are Older Than You Think

No tool is more important to PR than the almighty buzzword; and since the gaming industry enjoys the age-old practice of cannibalism, it's not uncommon for these hot topics to evolve into full-blown trends. As the Barenaked Ladies saying goes, though, it's all been done before. Even the latest features that may seem startlingly new and different owe their dues to trends dating back decades, or even centuries.

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Kushan2299d ago

Saying that Mirror's Edge style Parkour is little more than 3D platforming is borderline idiotic. You just have to look at 3D platformers like Mario 64 to see that it's in no way the same thing.

The rest of the article is ok, though, if a little obvious.

DatNJDom812299d ago

Horde mode is really survival mode. Funny how some people think hoard mode is new. LOL.

ShinMaster2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Horde(Survival mode) and cover are not new inventions as "some" people might think.
A "certain game" may have popularized these to NEWER gamers, but it's nothing new to me.

sonicsidewinder2299d ago


And that Treyarch invented Zombies.

ZippyZapper2299d ago

Horde mode or survival mode is realy just Serious Sam.

MsclMexican2299d ago

Um... Can you guys oh I don't know


Seriously gaming journalists are going to drive this industry to the ground with this constant "top 10 lists" and GOTY lists.

Seriously all it does is create negativity among gamers as it starts stupid flame wars and just ruins gaming.

Its always negative here on N4G as most of these top articles always belittle games. Nitpick on little things.. like oh its like the last game, or it has parkour, or it has puzzles.

Yet most of them gave Game of the Year to a game that does not work on one console, thus preventing the developer to actually learn something on how to make their games work properly for everyone because they keep getting away with this because the press is fine because a game that does not work is not a problem.


These people are going to run this industry to the ground... all because they get payed to put their opinion on the internet.

And it pisses me of because some devs actually take into consideration as to what they are saying. And now since it is the cool thing to hate on a game, even though a lot of people like it.

Look at Uncharted 3... great game, but after good reviews started getting hate. Complaining about the story....

Here is a though... rather than just complaining GIVE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISIM! You know tell them what you want to see from them rather than just trash the game doing nothing at all to try to tell someone how to improve.

People already started hating on the Last of Us... but do they say what they want to see, you know constructive critism?

Nope they just complain about things they did not like with no insight on how to improve.

Devs look at reviews to see what they did right and what they did wrong. Some can listen to their fans others don't. They have to listen to the critics.

And then you have review scores and metacritic creating these huge debates between gamers just because of one mans/womans opinion. And those opinions become aggregated into a score just making a complete mess as people care suddenly about someone elses opinions whom they never heard of prior to that day.

Thats how much power these "journalists" for lack of better term have in this industry.

Im frankly sick of this as negativity does well here on N4G

Sorry for ranting... but Im just so sick of this crap of top 10 lists and best ofs and worst ofs lists popping up N4G. I just want to learn more about the games Im excited for. Not for "journalists" to down talk them.... and


scrambles2299d ago

lol if big name websites actually bash AAA games anymore they get black listed from the company and fanbases start not going to their website cuz they bashed on their favorite game. Also bribery is nice for them too. So why not give it a good review? The fanboys will thank them and so will the company. Look at every single AAA game NONE of them deserved a perfect in anything. Yet 10/10s come rolling out. Ignore 95% of videogame journalism. Cant spell ignorance without IGN.

Hallow2299d ago

Interesting read even if it's not news. I think most younger gamers have no clue how far back these ideas go.

Pikajew2299d ago

The reason we don't have new because there is nothing to report. Wait to CES for news.

Half-Mafia2299d ago

I remember when 1UP used to be amazing. With people like Garnett Lee, Mark MacDonald, John Davision and Shane Bettenhausen with the legendary 1UP Yours podcast. Jeff Green and Shawn Elliott with CFW podcast and the 1UP Show crew.

Then UGO fucked it up :(