Panasonic to Bundle Blu-Ray Players with Plasma

Electronic House reports:

Let the Blu-ray bargains begin!

For those sick of reading the holiday DVD deals, Panasonic just announced that they will package together Blu-ray players with a plasma TV purchase. The plan states that if you buy a Panasonic plasma, you'll get a deal on the Blu-ray player.

No pricing details were announced, but the deal seems specific to Circuit City and Best Buy.

The announcement says that deals can be had starting next week. However, Best Buy is already offering a $500 discount if you buy the DMP-BD30K player and a 42- or 50-inch plasma. Part of the plan? We're not sure, but we'll take it!

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Bill Gates3752d ago

AAHAHHAHHAHhAHHA....$99.00 HD-DVD players, and still Blu-ray is SWEEPING the floor with HD-DVD and the BABOON BOTS......AAAHHAHhA


blackmagic3752d ago

OMG! They are giving blur-ray players away for FREE with HDTVs. DESPERATION!


This isn't how I feel at all because business is business and all is fair but thought this was a good opportunity to illustrate how ridiculous this sounds to people that are pro HD DVD whenever we hear the oft repeated 'desperation' and 'HD DUD' coined phrases that are thrown around this site endlessly.

Sounds silly and immature to hear the above phrase doesn't it?

Azures3752d ago

would anyone really buy a $99 hd-dvd player? you get what you pay for...i mean, that thing must break if breathed on wrong

blackmagic3752d ago

What a silly comment. The HD-A2 was introduced with an MSRP of $499 and it's being manufactured by a teir 1 brand. When the HD-A2 was being sold at $99, the MSRP was still $249. The $99 price was a deep discount 'Black Friday' sale on limited stock to clear their inventory.

Maddens Raiders3752d ago

Blu-ray is indeed the nex-gen format of choice. Blu-ray games and Blu-ray movies for the masses to enjoy. I'm just glad I that I'm on the "winning" side for this one.

Darkiewonder3752d ago

Buy that player and a HDTV they choose. and it would be like Buy the plasma and get a free Player.

I was reading it like 499 off for each buy lol.

Bonsai12143752d ago

thats a good idea. buy a 1080p tv, get a 1080p player with it. win win.

waits for people to come in and say, sony's giving out free blu-ray players.. when the deal is sanctioned by panasonic..

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