DC Universe Online to get crafting system with Game Update 8

XMNR: Sony Online Entertainment announced a new crafting feature coming to DC Universe Online for the free-to-play PS3 and PC title with Game Update 8 called "Research and Development."

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HebrewHammer2537d ago

No! Please don't give me incentive to stop playing SWTOR!

Neko_Mega2537d ago

Wish I could play that, it looks pretty awesome.

I can't play DC right now too >_<

Smashbro292537d ago

Why not a "make the game more fun" patch? It's not very fun as it is.

lodossrage2537d ago

They should make a "not everyone shares your opinion" patch too then.

Just saying lol

Hicken2537d ago

As if I didn't just spend 4 hours playing... I don't need more reasons to sink more time into this game.

2pacalypsenow2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

i would play this on my ps3 if i wasnt number 3867 on the waiting list

Nykamari2537d ago

That number goes by rather quickly! I was 5000 something once before and got in under 3 minutes.

2pacalypsenow2537d ago

i waited but then got tired and just deleted it , good game but too much of a wait for me