Update on 3DS Lite rumor

Yesterday we posted a rumor regarding the possible development of the 3DS Lite. There was talk that, through Nikkei Trendy, Nintendo was working on an upgrade to the 3DS.

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Pikajew2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

This rumor came from nowhere and people believe it. The updated 3DS will reliese to years after the 3DS like the DS lite came out two years after the DS

resistance1002268d ago

It will happen, just a case of when.

Not that i'm massively fussed mine as i doubt i would upgrade to one.

iamtehpwn2267d ago

Indeed it's going to happen--you can predict almost all modern hardware will get a redesign and be cheaper and sleeker. When is a better question. If anything, Nintendo is probably beginning on this project and it will debut later sometime.

This is also a good decision for companies to redesign their consoles/hardware like this regularly because they can find cheaper ways to develop the same hardware, which means a cheaper product for us, and a more profitable product for them.

sloth33952267d ago

it will be the 3DS Light or the XL but they will do it

iamtehpwn2267d ago

^3DS XL would be pretty cool actually. A Giant 3d Screen sounds pretty interesting. I'd actually love it if they could make the top screen bigger without gaining in over all size.

SecludedBubbles2267d ago

I'm all for bringing out a newer version of hardware every 3 or so years but it kinda makes me pissed of how ninty has behaved regarding the 3DS, I was stupid enough to buy on launch and I've basically been stung 100 quid and there are already rumours of upgraded versions coming out, it's a joke /rant

brettyd2267d ago

i like how people bash Apple for introducing new models every year when Nintendo is as bad if not worse.

Not saying i believe this rumor (even though we all know its inevitable) just making a point.

Neo Nugget2267d ago

To be clear, Sony's had 4 different types of psp's as well.

So I don't wanna hear about Nintendo being just as bad as Apple. It's everybody.

sloth33952267d ago

just like all the different models of the 360

brettyd2267d ago

well yea them too im not trying to single out Nintendo, just saying Apple gets the most hatred for it. Atleast Apple upgrades instead of just making the products slimmer.

sloth33952267d ago

4 and 4S are not a big upgrade for Apple

mcstorm2267d ago

But the iphone and ipad are upgrades of the iphone or ipad so this is different. The upgrades on the ds and psp are different as its still the same specs. The difference with the iphone and pads is there is not alot of difference between one to another. Take the iphone, 3g n 3s or 4 n 4s they a run the same software and do he same thing give or take a few functions but they keep the design the same each time. Ios is lacking way behind amdroid and wp7 in terms of what it is able to do because of the way apple designed it and it is starting to show its age with ios5.

But nyway back to this post i see nintendo bringing a 3ds lite or xl version in 2013 where the 3d screen will be able to be used in 3d no matter where you look at the screen from and i also see them doing a 3ds pro with the 2nd pad added into it for the users who want to use the 2nd pad. I think the next version will havr longer battery life too.

But until then im happy with my 3ds it works just fine with me.

Zoron0072267d ago

After the 3DS lite we will get the 3DSi then the 3DSi XL and then the 4DS and so on

SnipeySnake2267d ago

I hope they make one with a 2nd circle pad.

resistance1002267d ago

I would be surprised if they do. Since the 2nd circle pad also allows for an extra set of shoulder buttons as well and that would be hard to add on.

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