AUN Review: Xotic

Brett writes - "It was just a little bit ago that we received a code for a quirky new title on XBLA/Steam called Xotic. Well, I come to you today finally able to write it without having killed myself. I didn’t even know what to expect playing this one. After a couple of levels and writing my silly little notes I usually write for every game, I closed the game. Then I stared at my notes. I still didn’t know what the f**k I just played. All in all, I’m not speaking positive. I wasn’t blown away by this game. It was just..a bad idea? Yeah. A bad idea. "

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ninjaman9992451d ago

hahahaha NO. This game was created as a run and gun for points, classic arcade style shooter with a few modenr enhancements like rpg style weapon and player enhancements and other treats for the modern gamer. This title is in NO way a bad game. It is beautiful, runs amazingly on pretty low hardware, is exciting when your going for high scores and shows what indie games can be. This review is bullshit, period. just my 2 cents

ninjaman9992451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Not to mention he was playing with a controller and one of his largest criticisms was the controller layout. Like seriously? Does every game need to have a COD style button layout so you can play it? wtf dude.
Some gameplay from a slick speedrun as well :)