Modern Warfare 3 “Spawn Logic” Fix Has Arrived

MP1st - Modern Warfare 3′s is set to go through an important update early tomorrow morning.

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SuperSaiyan42505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Since I sold it because of that and tons of other issues I am not going to go buy it again just to see for myself.

No more COD for me unless a proper graphics update with new engine, fixed spawns, better maps, greatly reduced bullet lag, better setup of perks system and better updates that enhance the game.

Since I highly doubt Activision will ever take heed to what I have said above I guess thats that then.

JeffGUNZ2505d ago

Thanks for that. I am sure we will all lose sleep.

h311rais3r2505d ago

He is right. It's how a lot of people feel. Most of my friends went back to blops or mw2. Me? I'm on mw1 on 360. Skyrim pc. Uc3 ps3.

JeffGUNZ2505d ago

It's not correct. The spawns are patches, the maps are great, bullet lag is like that on every non-dedicated server game. The perks are finally balanced in this game, so I have no idea what he means about that. A new engine will only make the game LOOK nicer, but really won't change the core mechanics.

MizTv2505d ago

i like the game but hahahahahaa if they could of fixed it why now after 5 games in 5 years with the same prob's every game

lorianguy2505d ago

OK.. I can't hold it in any longer...


*cough* apologies for my sudden outburst there.

Ethereal2505d ago

Thank the maker...The spawns needed to be addressed ASAP. Looking forward to the other enhancements later this month.

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