Goodbye, Game Boy Advance

GamesRadar writes: "Ah, nostalgia. We remember the awe we felt just watching the Game Boy logo fly onto the GBA screen in a cascade of rainbow colours some six and a half years ago. Having imported the console early we didn't have any games for our first day with the machine, so we were forced to play Game Boy Color games on it instead, frequently switching to widescreen and back like it was the best thing in the world. But when we finally got to play the Mario Kart-esque Konami Krazy Racers, it was a revelation".

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lynx1halo3729d ago

I still have my original Gameboy...with the nice high res Green Screen, 4 batteries in back, and about the size of a Brick

Daishi3729d ago

Me to my friend, me to. And it still works fine even though there's a small line on the right side of the screen that's stuck dark green. GBA will always live for the simple fact that you can't play GB color games on it; and who could forget Super Mario Land 2:Six Golden coins, Zelda: Links Awakening, or my all time favorite Warlocked (the only GB color rts that I know of, plus it had voice when you clicked on your workers and they said "Yes Master!", "Right Away Master!"). Here's hoping the next GB or DS will have a HDD and offer downloadable GB games!

name3729d ago

It was reincarnated into the form of an emulator on my computer.

Enigma_20993729d ago

The first Gameboy that I WANTED. Finally... no pea-soup green graphics...