Two Interesting New Findings About PS3 Wattage, Seriously

Kotaku writes:

"We don't normally get obsessed over the wattage of our various consoles, OK, there was that one time, but Aeropause did some updated PS3 wattage tests and found two points worth sharing. First, the PS3's standby mode (aka when it's "off") only takes 1W of electricity. That's not much, and is considered pretty good as some electronics use near their full wattage during standby. But when put into Remote Play standby mode, the power consumption jumps to 24W. While that's still not absurd, it could make the difference of about $10/year on your electrical bill.

The other new finding was that while [email protected] averages about 215W, ditching the visuals for the screensaver only averages 185. In other words, by ditching Folding's visuals and turning off Remote Play, you could save some quantifiable energy. Just something to keep in mind..."

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ruibing3874d ago

That is some really interesting facts to keep in mind, but is this on the 60/80GB version or the newer 40GB version with the Cell die shrink?

marcdz13874d ago

Buy yourself and Xbox 360 play it for a few hours and get yourself a ticket to the RROD show and then send it in for repairs. You will save about 1 to 2 months worth of electricity and it will be substantial on global warming.

PS3n3603874d ago

You didnt factor in all the carbon released by the purolator trucks running the empty box to you then the dead 360 back to MS then sending the frankenstein 360 back. Each RROD is 3 shipments in total. Mine is in the shop now and it did cross my mind how bad this is for the environment. The purolator people sound like xbox has been really good for business for them everyone there seems to know exactly what those plane white empty boxes are.

solar3874d ago

ill keep this in mind when i take a dump.

interesting. i dont do folding at home. so this dont effect me.

chasegamez3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

who cares
what the [email protected] is $10
(reply)if your crying about $10 a year
crying your broke ass 2 microsoft
your paying $50 for laggy ass service
so shut up
your broke ass dont have a ps3
(reply)Jenzo lol

Close_Second3874d ago

...Ok, might mean $10 for you. But if Sony sell 120 million PS3s (as some people think they will) what does it mean on actual power consumption. Demands on energy supply are for ever increasing and may outstep supply if we can't find clean and green alternatives. Every year we pack more electronics into our homes without thinking about what it means on a national or global scale.

Start thinking about the bigger picture and not just yourself.

InMyOpinion3874d ago

Folding @ home helps finding a cure for cancer and in turn destroys the environment lol!

The Real Joker3874d ago

Quite being such a [email protected] democrat. I guess you did not get the memo that Global Warming is a hoax.

InMyOpinion3874d ago

Money hungry republicans say it's a hoax, scientists say otherwise...

GIJeff3874d ago

if you spent more time reading and less time listening to green day you'd know that only some scientists think its real, some think its fake, and some dont know.

1)why is mars getting warmer too?
2)we dont travel perfectly at the same distance from the sun every year either.
3)Also, the sun doesnt have an automatic thermostat that tells it to be a certain temp. Suck it numb nuts.

But yea, i hope Gore sends you a thank you card for supporting his get rich scheme. Fool.

deeznuts3874d ago

Money hungry republicans say it's a hoax, some scientists agree. Energy wasting Al Gore says otherwise, some scientists agree.

jaja14343874d ago

@Death Eater

Umm a Hoax, perhaps you don't read up on your history but the Earth is in fact heating up. Now weather this is just its natural cycle(as the climate is in a constant flux) or something we caused(extremely doubtfully) there is no denying that global warming is a fact. And that an Ice Age is coming.

They come everything 50-60 thousand years or so, and we are overdue. Well unless you count that mini Ice Age we had in the 16th century.

But I do agree that Ale Gore is just a fear mongering idiot did not but promote false information in a scientific field of study. Kind of like the people who say evolution is false...

InMyOpinion3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Yeah. Carbon oxide just vapourises, right? It doesn't take a genius to understand that our mass consumtion of fossil fuels is destroying the world. You probably don't believe in the ozone layer either; "It's a lie fabricated by the atheists!"

I bashed republicans cause you sound like one. Democrats, the end they're all a flock of right wing sheep blinded by christianity, trying to control the world by warmongering and pollution.

Btw, I listen to all kinds of music. From hiphop to classical to black metal(not the christian version lol!).

xplosneer3874d ago

That has gotten the world in a huge crisis for renewable energy...

solar3874d ago

cow farts are killing the world. look it up :P

and ppl listen to green day? i feel sorry for anyone that would listen to them...garbage.

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jack who3874d ago

so for the money that you would save for haveing your ps3s Remote Play standby mode and [email protected] off you could have 3 xbl gold acc...coool

Bad_Karma3874d ago

Ooow is Kotaku having trouble paying there electricity bill ? damn i`ll give them $10 a year to stop spewing crap like this out .

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