Destructoid: Don't worry, the PlayStation Vita is going to be fine

Woah, Forbes guy. Calm down. In fact, everyone needs to calm down with the doom and gloom for the new PSP successor. It's a little early to be saying that Sony is in "big trouble" with the PlayStation Vita. Yes, Sony's new portable did not have a great second week following launch. To be fair, there was nothing good about Vita's week two and its weak 72,479 units sold. Even the old, tired, and outgoing Wii outsold the Vita that week. Third-week sales have halved again for Vita, setting the stage for headlines that call for the end of portable game systems, Sony, and even the world.

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MultiConsoleGamer2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

The damn thing has sold almost a half million units in under 3 weeks. That's far from "DOOOMED."

edit: a half million units in just 1 country.

darthv722510d ago

the nerve of some journalists thinking its doom and gloom for the vita. They should at least wait until it has been a full year on the market worldwide to make these kinds of bold statements.

No doubt it will sell equal to japan in a 24hr period once its released in US/Euro.

resistance1002510d ago

Destructoid have really gone up in my eyes. After how they have handled both the 3DS and the Vita launches with sensible articles rather than blowing up the smallest things which some of the many other "major" sites have done.

Lets hope others take note

Kran2510d ago

"Destructoid have really gone up in my eyes"

Ouch. What did they go up with? Pencils? Knives? Ouch.

Anyway, yeah sometimes Destructoid has SOME decent articles.

soundslike2510d ago

Destructoid is a far superior gaming community than n4g


vuzuki2510d ago

As long as they stay away from the fat troll

mistajeff2510d ago

i like destructoid. they don't always say what i want to hear, and i definitely don't agree with a lot of their reviews, but i respect their opinions nonetheless.

GribbleGrunger2510d ago

now here is an article i can engage with. i don't agree with everything that has been said here but it's well written and the points are made intelligently and thoughtfully. i can accept what we would call negativity if it's wrapped in such a well rounded argument...

did i really just say that about Desctructoid?! i guess i did.

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ryuuk2510d ago

Wow, great article. :)

vuzuki2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Yes that usually happens when the words "Jim Sterling" aren't written at the beginning of them.

floetry1012510d ago

Sterling has written about the Vita launch on his twitter religiously and referenced this article to point out the exact same thing.

Just because he touches a nerve with your poor self, it doesn't mean he's any less passionate about gaming as a whole.

bub162510d ago

of course its going to be fine. this happens all the time when new consoles/handhelds come out, i dont understand the people that approve those type of articles when half of them are filled with rumors or countless bits of incorrect information!

BiggsnWedge2510d ago

Good read, I agree and have been saying this for the past couple weeks now. IGN, CNET, Forbes, ect clearly have no clue what they are talking about.

vuzuki2510d ago

Mainstream media don't know shit about video games

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The story is too old to be commented.