IGN: Why PC Gaming Could Rule 2012

Charles Onyett: My second-playthrough sword-and-shield warrior in Skyrim is nowhere near as powerful as he should be. My Sith Sorcerer is only level 31. Everything I've built in Minecraft is a work-in-progress. 2012 doesn't care. It just shows up, right on schedule, gets drunk, pops off some colorful explosives, and teases me with yet another year of promising PC games. I need a break, damn it. I need some time to do things like, you know, eat dinner and sleep.

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dedicatedtogamers2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

PC gaming will rule every year...for PC gamers.

That's the thing. The PC is so far ahead in a lot of ways (graphics, physics, size of game worlds) and it is so far ahead in so many genres (western RPGs, FPSs, turn-based strategy games, RTSs, etc) that if you like PC gaming, then every single year you will like PC gaming more than console gaming. I mean, if someone likes MMOs and RTSs, it's not like that person is ever going to pick consoles instead of PCs.

However, if you prefer fighting games, racing games, third-person games, platformers, and JRPGs, then you simply have to play those on consoles/handhelds because PC cannot compare.

fluffydelusions2506d ago

I love PC gaming but like you said, somethings just aren't available on PC which is what I have a PS3 for. PC + PS3 = win

Agent-862506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Yep, my setup as well. I have my PC for FPS, RTS and most multiplats while I have the PS3 for console only games plus Sony's great exclusive lineup. Best of both worlds. BF3 on PC + UC3 on PS3 = Gaming Nirvana.

sikbeta2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

PC rules because of STEAM, games are so cheap (talking about price :P), but the average joe doesn't give a crap about performance and raw power, he just want to play the games he likes and nothing else, that's what the PC elitists can't understand, they go with the same "bu... but teh graphics are worse on consoles" meanwhile, people even enjoy wii-sport without giving any attention to graphics and stuff

CrimsonFox132506d ago

Agree about Steam. Got back into PC gaming recently (was a PC gamer when I was a kid) November last year. Great timing, because I got 15 games during Steam's holiday sales. Really amazing, the deals. I haven't even played over half of the games I bought.

darthv722505d ago

this was due to the modular nature of the hardware. Making the system perform better with new cpu's and gpu's and memory.

The times its performance and cost came into question was when a new console system release would happen. Mostly because the focus of the console at the time was to try and equal or surpass what was the high point of the PC's at the time.

That doesnt last though as the pc world is ever changing with less than an 8mo product cycle. So when the new NEW games come out they always look best on PC as compared to ports to the console but for the first couple of years the consoles look on par if not better than PC.

It will happen again when the PS4/720 come out. They will look better and perform better than the top PC hardware for the time of release but they will get surpassed by faster newer hardware for the PC.

If there is really one advantage a console has over a PC is the closed design allowing the game developer to optimize it for the platform. PC development has the lowest common denominator to think about and then go up from there or down depending on how its being developed.

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ATi_Elite2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, Diablo III, Arma III, TERA, Mist of Pandaria, Heart of the Swarm, STALKER 2, Smite, Dota 2, Blacklight Retribution, Dawn of War III, End of Nations, Carrier Command, Hawken, X-Rebirth, and the list goes on and on for 2012.

DX10 was a real set back for the PC but DX11 has everything back on track for a Friggin blow-out year for the PC in 2012!.

Mods, total control of your gaming experience, MMO's, Sims, RTS, Indie Games, and Digital Downloads have really taken advantage of the PC's special capabilities along with it's raw power for "TEH Graphics"!

2012 will be the year of the MMO as Next Gen MMO's continue to combine twitch gaming or real time combat with all types of gaming genres allowing 1000's to play at once or giving you the chance to go at it alone on the fly.

Battlefield 3 and the STALKER Mod on the CryEngine 2 really made an Enthusiast Gamer like myself just Jizz my pants over and over!

Prophet-Gamer2505d ago

PS3 + PC = Pure win. I'm so glad I finally made the investment into a gaming PC, best decision I ever made.

Psychotica2506d ago

PC gaming will dominate my purchases by far and I have all the consoles

aquamala2506d ago

yep I have all the consoles to play the few exclusives, everything else I play on the PC now.

Mista T2506d ago

It keeps getting bigger. Steam peaked 5 million users online recently.

kaveti66162506d ago

Concurrent users.

They have more than 30 million active users.

STONEY42505d ago

Yeah, and only a few months ago they hit 4 million concurrent. It was around only 1.5 million in 2009. January 2nd, 2012, 5 million people online at once. Not total users, but online at the same time.

Gives you an idea of how fast Steam and PC gaming is growing recently.

Akth8r2505d ago

I have all the consoles, and have got into PC gaming last March/April (when i finsished my first Rig). I love my PC.

stubbed_out2506d ago

Not to mention the graphics gap starting to widen on the multi-plat games...however this comes down to developers, will the likes of Hitman be optimised for the console or pc?

fossilfern2506d ago

Console. The old days of PC gaming is gone and wont be back for a while. Though games like BF3 has had the PC in mind but games like that dont come along often :/

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