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fluffydelusions1942d ago

A demo of this sort of genre is kind of odd but eh OK.

Godmars2901942d ago

But after JP release numbers, not exactly unsurprising. Sqaure needs to do some kind of damage control to make sure Western numbers are better.

I may even download it.

Troll-without-Bridge1942d ago

That only means they are confident in the quality of the product.

i remember when square had demos for their Rpg's.

Ranma11942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Anyone who buys this game will be dissapointed. heres what people who played it said:

-The towns are joke. You basically cant enter any house and theres hardly any NPCs in them

-The story is terrible, as bad as the 3rd birthdays

-No its not linear but once again there is really only one big massive roam area (archlytte steppe)

-Some people have conflicting views on the rap tracks

-The levelling up is worse than the crystarium, some bonuses are cool but its based a lot on chance so it can get annoying

-The dialogue is ATROCIOUS

-The monsters being in the battle system is actually pretty brilliant. The sheer versatlity has improved by a lot

-The QTEs are more like limit breaks than anything else which is good and most of them look epic

-Chocobo being able to fly a bit is a good mechanic

-The Red chocobo story quest is wayy more epic than the actual games story

-Soundtrack is good.


Biggest1941d ago

"The towns are joke. You basically cant enter any house and theres hardly any NPCs in them"

How is that a valid criticism? There aren't ANY games that allow you into every building you see. And why should they? Unless there is something in there worthwhile why would you be in the building? The previous FF games had entry into buildings for purposes of shops or quests/missions.

That said... I am glad they're making a demo. I was set to pick the game up on the 31st anyway, but I'll take a sneak peek if they're giving.

Outside_ofthe_Box1941d ago


lol I just read a link that someone posted which got me interested in 13-2 and then you give a link that turns me off.

I'll just formulate my own opinion off the demo lol.

trenso11941d ago

@Ranma1 i didnt say that i can make my own opinion of the game thank you.

JoySticksFTW1941d ago

Some of the earlier jrpg's back in the day you could enter almost any house you saw and go through drawers and cabinets, etc

And there would be residents in there with no relation to quests. Some are they to speak with adding a bit of flavor to the story or environment.

And some would yell at you for going through their stuff!

And I can't fully remember Baldur's Gate, but I think you could go in almost every building you saw. If you got caught stealing or broke in and the residents happened to be home, the guards would run in :)

Anyways, town exploration in rpg's is something that a lot of us grew up with. And it is a disappointment for many when that element is missing in a FF game.

TBM1941d ago

I myself im getting it regardless of what anyone says i love the final fantasy series. i enjoyed FF13 and that's all that matters, im sure I'll enjoy 13-2 when it releases.

SilentNegotiator1941d ago

We need more demos. Too many big time games don't even release a demo, or else release them really late.

Releasing late is probably done to avoid some people from discovering they don't care for the game, though, and those people buy on hype. Then those people who put off that WILL enjoy it, try it later, and buy it as well. Then those hype-fueled sales go undamaged. It makes marketing sense, but it's also pathetically backwards.

Clearly, the game should allow you to enter anyone's home and destroy their pottery and rummage through their stuff. lol

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iamtehpwn1942d ago

They must be quite confident in this game in order to release a demo. The last time Square did something like this overseas it was the FF14 beta, and that actually killed Pre-orders.

vuzuki1942d ago

Every one who played the different demos in shows loved it. They have reason to be confident

FFXI1011941d ago

To me is not odd, it actually helps me to decide whether or not to purchase the game.

adorie1941d ago

Final Fantasy VII had a demo, so did VIII. It's not that odd to me.

I still have the the VII demo disc, but I forgot where I got it, lol. It could have been PlayStation Underground. idk.

Zezo1941d ago

I used to like Final Fantasy. Then I took a FF13 in the knee.

Solid_Snake371941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

lol dont know why so many people disagreed!

El_Assenso1941d ago

Why disgree with Zezo's comment! Its a joke get with it! Oh I forgot this is N4G, too serious......

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resistance1001942d ago

Want this game to be good, i really do.

Hopefully the demo will give me some hope after XIII

Biggest1941d ago

Good read, but he is a large FF fan. If you didn't like FFXIII, his opinion shouldn't sway you one bit. FFXIII was his favorite game so far this generation. As a FF fan myself, I like what he had to say. I'm going to enjoy the demo and play the actual game on the 31st.

Outside_ofthe_Box1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

After reading that it does appear 13-2 is in fact better than 13. It seems like the linearity problem has been addressed which was 1 of 2 of my main gripes with 13.

I am a little disappointed to hear that apart from the ability to have a monster in your party and all the good stuff that comes along with it... "the battle system is largely the same as XIII, the core mechanics are very similar although the game will now sometimes go into mildly odd (but very impressive looking) quicktime events."

The battle system of 13 was the 2nd thing I hated the most about 13 and to hear that the core battle mechanics of 13 is in 13-2 upsets me.

None the less that person's review has me actually considering getting 13-2 whereas before it wasn't even on my list of games to get this year. Maybe the demo might get me a bit more interested.

PshycoNinja1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

You have been championing this game since it was announced iamtehpwn. Don't you ever get tired of it?


I have never said anything like that. I said that I didn't enjoy Final Fantasy XIII's world, characters, battle system or story. This game is more of XIII world, characters and story. So I made the logical conclusion that I MAY NOT like XIII-2. I have said on numerous occasions that I will give XIII-2 a shot.

I have only expressed more enthusiasm of Versus XIII because it has a different world, characters, story and battle system to XIII. That and the fact that I am a big fan of Tetsuya Nomura's games.

Edit 2: a paragraph from my blog where I clearly didn't say that XIII-2 didn't suck and that all I was saying was that I don't have high hopes for it:

"This is the reason why so many people (including myself) don't give two shakes about XIII-2. Why risk spending money on a game that's precursor wasn't that good? Now I understand why so many fans are trying to defend XIII-2, I get it. I understand that fans want to believe that Square really took in all the input from gamers and crafted something good. I just don't believe they did. For Square to say "Fans demanded a sequel and that's what we're giving them." is almost borderline stupid. Who on Gods green Earth ask for a sequel. I remember fans saying that Square made a total dud and they should scrap and rethink Final Fantasy XIII, but never did fans "demand" for a sequel. Understand that if you are thinking that picking up XIII-2, that's fine. Really. If XIII-2 is the Final Fantasy that you have always wanted than why should anyone stop you from having fun. That's why were all on here right?"

iamtehpwn1941d ago

@PsychoNinja, Haven't you been Championing Versus XIII all this time? In fact, you wrote an entire article about why this game is going to suck (even though haven't played it) and why Versus XIII (another game you haven't played) is going to be better.

You also go to every XIII-2 article and say how it's going to suck and its not Versus XIII.

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betan211942d ago

lol that's a 1st coming from SE
i dont mind trying it out

Kurisu1942d ago

Not a first, there was a FFX demo as well. I remember playing it and getting really excited for the full game!

Capt-FuzzyPants1942d ago

They used to have demos all the time.

despair1942d ago

surprising but welcome news.

s8skanna1942d ago

Nice looking forward to it

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